5 Mobile Phone Tracking Benefits for Big Businesses

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Mobile phone tracking for business is a controversial and sensitive issue. But it comes with its benefits. Mobile phone trackers can be installed on official mobile phones which are then given to the employees. If used the right way, mobile phone tracking can increase boost employee efficiency and ensure more profits for a company.

The following are the top 5 mobile phone tracking benefits for big businesses.

1. You get to see where your employees spend their time:

If you are a company that employs field workers, you might be astonished to discover how much employees stray away from their designated workstations for personal projects. You pay these employees salaries and allowances yearly; you cover their travel expenses and yet, they spend your company’s time on relaxation and other personal things. Mobile phone trackers can help you track them and see where they are at any given point in time. You can set safe points, dangerous points and other virtual boundaries, so you are alerted if they stray away from those boundaries.

2. You get to see how productive they are:

A lot of companies lose millions of dollars in revenue due to workers wasting time on Facebook and other social media networks during office hours. Several companies block access to these sites on their companies, but employees still spend time on these platforms via their mobile phones. When you install Mobile phone trackers, it can tell you how much time an employee is spending on a certain social media app.

3. You can monitor their speed when driving:

If you own a cab company, a truck company, a haulage company or any other transportation-related company, mobile phone tracking will be good for your business. Mobile phone tracking apps can use the sensors on your mobile phone to track how fast a vehicle is moving. You’ll get alerts if they are over speeding.

4. You can monitor overtime:

Thanks to smartphone tracking apps, you can monitor over time easily. A lot of workers are dishonest with their overtime claims. They spend less overtime than they claim in their overtime reports. With a mobile phone tracking you can see how much time they spend at work and the actual time they leave work. You can also see if they are actually working overtime or spending time checking their social media accounts.

5. You can investigate employees suspected of wrongdoings:

A certain percentage of employees have defrauded their company in one way or another or resorted to illegal practices that could be damaging to the reputation of a company. With a smartphone app like mSpy phone locator, you can check messages, call records, chat apps, photos and so many things. This way you will gather substantial proof against erring employees and take meaningful action against them.


As you can see from this article, mobile phone tracking has a lot of benefits for businesses. You can save so much money and make your employees much more effective. But before you install a mobile phone tracking app, ensure that you are within legal limits.

If you are in search of a mobile phone tracking app, It works on both Android and iOS devices. It can be installed anonymously, so the person using the phone won’t know that he/she is being tracked. It tracks GPS, calls, SMS, messaging apps, emails, contacts, call logs, calendar activities, internet activities, and so many other things.


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