Dota 2 The International 2018 will be held in the history rich Rogers Arena

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For the first time since the massive world championship in Dota 2 was held, The International will take place on Canadian soil and in no other than the legendary Rogers Arena in Vancouver. This arena has a rich history dating back to 1995. It’s been known by several names, such as the General Motors place (1995-2010) which name it received after a sponsorship deal with General Motors took place. It was also temporarily renamed to Canada Hockey Place for a two week period during the winter Olympics that took place in the arena in 2010. It was later decided that the arena should just be called Rogers Arena which is the name it’s going by today.

In addition to the Olympics, there has been an impressive amount of high profile events hosted in Rogers Arena. To just name a few of them we got the NHL, Stanley Cup, NBA, WWE and UFC. These are all sports events, but there have also been plenty of musical concerts hosted. This is an impressive list which the Dota 2 The International is now getting added to.

The International is so much more than just an eSports event

 For many people, The International’s main purpose is to crown the best Dota 2 team in the world. The event is however much more than that as the tournament arena is usually filled with exhibitions with gaming gadgets and tech; event sponsors that host giveaways; and regular joes who use the opportunity to put on an outstanding cosplay performance.
For people who won’t be able to attend to the event in a physical form, there will of course be video streams available, ready to capture all of this and the amazing atmosphere that will fill the arena. If you want to experience the event in a more social way than just watching the stream from your living room, you might also have local places to attend to. It’s for instance becoming more and more common with bar meetups where it’s possible to watch eSport events on one of the bar’s big screens.

Betting on The International is growing as well

Not only has watching eSports started to become a social activity, but wagering money on professional matches has also become a popular form of entertainment and the world championship in Dota 2 is no exception to this. There are nowadays plenty of different bookmakers offering odds and betting on Dota 2 The International. As much as this is an opportunity for the knowledgeable Dota 2 fan to make some extra money, it’s also the perfect way to spice up the experience of following the tournament.

Not only are you able to wager money on which team that will win the championship and triumph in every encounter that is leading up to this prestigious victory. In every match that is being played in the tournament you can also bet on several other things, such as which team that will get the first blood, score the most kills and receive the first aegis, just to name a few. By doing this, you’re able to take the experience of every match to a whole new level of entertainment and heart-racing excitement.

An impressive prize pool to fight for

Although the world of eSports is rapidly growing bigger, there is no event in the world that is even close to playing in the same league as the Dota 2 International when it comes to prize money. For several eSport games we find tournaments that regularly put hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs and sometimes even a couple of millions like the world championship in League of Legends. This is great money, but compared to recent Dota 2 world championships it quickly fades as we’re facing incredible prize pools reaching higher than $20 million!

The tournament was first held in 2011 when the game was still in beta. It took place during Gamescom in Cologne and then had a much lower prize pool of $1,600,000.00. The successful team of Natus Vincere triumphed in this one and collected 62.5% of the prize pool, which is equal to $1,000,000.00. Apart from the tournament held in 2012, the prize pool has only escalated since:

 The International 2012 – $1,600,000.00

1:a InvictusGaming – 62.5%

2:a NatusVincere – 15.625%

3:a LGD Gaming – 9.375%

The International 2013 – $2,874,407.00

1:a Alliance – 50%

2:a NatusVincere – 22%

3:a Orange Esports – 10%

he International 2014 – $10,931,103.00

1:a Newbee – 46%

2:a ViciGaming – 13.5%

3:a EvilGeniuses – 9.5%

The International 2015 – $18,429,613.05

1:a EvilGeniuses – 36%

2:a CDEC Gaming – 15.5%

3:a LGD Gaming – 12%

The International 2016 – $20,770,640.00

1:a Wings gaming – 44%

2:a Digital Chaos – 16%

3:a EvilGeniuses – 10.5%

The International 2017 – $24,687,919.00

1:a Team Liquid – 44%

2:a Newbee – 16%

3:a LGD.Forever Young – 10.5%

It’s going to be extremely exciting to see what the prize pool will be for this year’s championship and who will win The International held in Rogers Arena between the 20th and 25th of August 2018.

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