How Technology Is Changing the Couriers Services Industry

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Whichever element of the courier services industry that a client is looking to utilise, technology is having a profound effect in making it better for them. Whether they are booking a pallet courier to deliver furniture to their new home or sending a parcel to a loved one, technology is making it even easier for the delivery to get to its required destination in one piece. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how technology is changing the courier services industry within the 21st century.

Faster Services

Due to further technological advancements in all aspects of this industry, the courier services industry and its delivery times are working at a much quicker pace. Technological advancements such as online systems and electronic handsets allow couriers to pick up the parcel and have it signed for when it gets to the recipient’s door ensuring the most successful delivery possible. In addition, several companies have had the ability to upgrade the vans that they are using to a larger and more economical option. This technological advancement is crucial to the courier services industry as it allows them to not only fit more parcels into the van they are using because it is larger, but also reduce the amount of fuel that they are burning when making deliveries, reducing their carbon footprint and making the overall delivery process far more efficient.


As advancements in GPS continue to be made this helps the courier services industry in multiple ways. Not only does GPS help them to find the quickest route to get to the delivery address but it also allows the company to give their client an up to date GPS tracking code, allowing them to log in using this number and track their parcel at any point during the delivery process. This has changed the courier services industry because it has allowed companies to deliver a more streamlined service that is interactive with the client, allowing them to feel as though they are in control when using their chosen courier service.


As advancements in drone technology continue to escalate, the experimentation of using them for making deliveries begins to rise. With programs such as Amazon Prime Air beginning operation, there is already a surge in the number of delivery services that could potentially be using drones in the future. This is changing the courier services industry as it has the potential to dramatically reduce fuel consumption and make deliveries within a faster timeframe as it will eliminate the possibility of traffic slowing down the delivery process. In addition to making the delivery process faster, it also removes the factor of human error which could lead to the wrong parcel being delivered or clients packages becoming damaged, further improving the overall delivery process.


With most people within the 21st century owning a smartphone, many delivery companies have begun to utilise the world of mobile apps to further enhance the services that they are able to provide. Typically these mobile apps allow clients to look up the services that are available to them but also enter their unique tracking number to track their parcel whilst on the go. This is a significant change to the courier services industry because couriers are now required to offer constant updates to their client when requested meaning that the parcel needs to be logged at every significant point within the delivery process. Whether at the depot or stop off point the parcel must be logged frequently in order for it to be tracked efficiently throughout every step.


With the constant technological advancements being made within the courier services industry the entire process is becoming far more streamlined, this is not only to improve the services that the couriers can provide but it is also to keep up with the demand of faster delivery that their customers require.

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