Staying Fit, Feeling Fine

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If you, like me can’t stand the thought of spending an hour each day in the gym in order to get fit and shed some of the excess pounds that seem to creep on during the winter months then carry on reading as you might be happy to hear that there are several other alternatives that you can use where you don’t have to don the lycra (do they still DO lycra?) and spend time with others in a place where image is all important.

There are a ton of fun health and fitness apps to be found in both the Google Play Store and iTunes where you can grab yourself your own personal gym instructor or use a calorie counter that will tell you exactly what is good (or not) for you.

But just like anything else whether you are searching for a great home insurance or trying to find the most trusted bingo sites to spend some time with family and friends whilst having a laugh and catching some gaming action, searching for the right app for you can be a bit of a pain so below are some of what we think are the best of 2018.

Sworkit is perfect if you don’t like the gym environment as the app will guide you through your own personal workout and users can choose the time spent exercising as well as their own fitness plan which have all been created by professional personal trainers.  Included within the app is Yoga for Runner, Advanced Full Body and Daily Stretch as well as 5-minute Abs.

MyFitnessPal is a fee app that helps you keep a firm track on what you are eating. The data base this app has is enormous with over six million foods included to ensure that you can keep a totally accurate log of your diet. Users can set their own goal when the app is being set up like how much weight they want to lose as well as being able to log cardio and strength exercises on the app as well.

Finally, we are going to look at one of the most well-known fitness apps on the market today and that is Strava. This app is probably suited to those who already have a regular exercise routine. What Strava does is record you activity whether that is walking, running or cycling, whatever you do  Strava will collect your stats for the entire week.

Statistics included will be distance, speed, pace and of course the number of calories that are burned.

Not only will the app do this for you but if you happen to be of a competitive nature then you can record your activity on your Strava feed and then compare your progress with your friends and followers.

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