6 Instagram Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before

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6 Instagram Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before

Growing your Instagram and getting more followers is extremely important. Before you buy followers, for example on instafollowfast.com/ you need to find some methods that will eventually help you grow your Instagram a little bit at the very least.

1. Put lines and spaces to the Instagram captions

Why is this important? Because it allows you to format your stuff a lot easier. You get to enhance your messages naturally and you make them more readable too. Every tiny detail matters when it comes to this, and that’s the reason why you need to take it into consideration at the very least. It certainly helps quite a bit, so try to keep that in mind. You can open the Notes app and format the text there, then add it to Instagram.

2. Add Instagram posts to your website

You will notice that every post has its own ellipsis button and you can press Embed in there. Then you can select the option to include that caption or not via selecting or deselecting, and then you can select the Copy Embed Code.

Once you have this code you just need to enter the Text option to enter HTML info in WordPress. It actually works very well because it’s adaptable, reliable and extremely easy to use!

3. Make your bio centralized and put some spaces in there

This is simple, you just have to go to the Edit Profile option and then you can add the spaces in there. You need to make sure that you add or even delete spaces if needed so you can centralize everything the right way. It works well, so try to keep that in mind. Do remember that spaces are still considered characters, so you want to avoid having more than 160characters in your bio, just to be safe.

4. Add your custom location

Go to Facebook and in Device settings make sure that the Location History is on. You can create a location there if you want to. Go away from Facebook and enter Instagram, then you will find that location in there. It’s maybe the best option that you can use if you want to show a custom location. It might take around 24 hours for the new location that you just created to become active.

5. Start making ecommerce sales on Instagram

You can easily use Linkin.bio to bring targeted traffic to the online store. You can add links via Later, and this will pinpoint the products directly on your website. The overall price is not that high considering the functionality you get. And it also makes your Instagram posts a lot more interactive, which is a huge benefit to consider as time goes by and you get more sales.

5. Pin the Instagram posts to Pinterest

How can you pin these posts to Pinterest? You first need to go to the post you want to share, tap the ellipsis and select Share, then choose Copy Link. At this time, you want to open Pinterest and tap the Plus Sign, select copied link and it will get all the info from there. It’s the simplest way to share your Instagram content on Pinterest and it works amazingly well.

We encourage you to give these Instagram tips a shot if you want something simple, fun and exciting that you can use all the time. While there are bound to be some changes to be made, the entire process is convenient and easy to understand. You will be quite amazed with the way everything pays off, so try to take that into account if you can. It will be an amazing opportunity, you can rest assured of that!

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