Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

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There are many advantages to consider when it comes to photovoltaic solar energy and everything it offers. Today, solar lights-powered tools are increasingly influencing our lives and directing us, humans, into pollution-free paths. See here the main advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

There are many advantages to consider when it comes to photovoltaic solar energy and everything it offers. Not only does solar power benefit your pocket, but it also benefits the environment as well. However, there are two sides to everything in this life. We have made a list of the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy for you to decide for yourself whether or not to install a photovoltaic system in your home or business.

Advantage of Solar Energy: Solar energy is a fully renewable resource.

This means that even when we can’t make use of the sun’s energy because of night or overcast or rainy days, we can always count on the sun appearing the next day as a constant and consistent source of energy. To note, renewable resources such as wind energy, water and solar energy, solar energy are the most consistent and predictable ones.

Solar Energy Disadvantage: High cost of ownership

The solar cells and solar panels that are needed to take advantage of solar energy have a high cost of acquisition. Although considering their useful life being greater than 25 years the cost is extremely reasonable and competitive.

Advantage: Oil, the most used fuel in the world will end one day.

Petroleum, which is what most uses as an energy / fuel source in the world, is not a renewable resource. This means that as soon as the oil runs out, it is gone forever and the people who depend on it will not have any more energy.

Disadvantage: Solar energy can’t be used at night.

Photovoltaic panels need light to generate energy, meaning the night does not work. That is, you will need to stay connected in the network or buy an expensive bank of batteries and store the energy for the night period or a rainy day.

Advantage: Solar Energy does not make any noise.

Photovoltaic panels do not make a single noise by generating solar energy. The photochromic process is a 100% silent process.

Advantage: Solar energy does not pollute.

This is perhaps the most important advantage of solar energy. Yes, to produce the photovoltaic panel requires a lot of energy, but the solar panel, during its useful life, generates more than 20 times the energy consumed in its manufacture.

Advantage: Solar Energy has almost no maintenance.

There are no moving parts in a photovoltaic panel or solar cell, meaning there is almost no mechanical disengagement. Photovoltaic panels last for more than 25 years only with an annual cleaning.

Benefits of solar energy

Solar panels can seem very expensive when you will buy them, but over the years you will save a lot of money. After all, the sunlight is for Free!

If you take all the investment of purchase of the photovoltaic system and the minimum maintenance that you will have with it throughout its entire useful life and divide it by the energy generated over those years, you will see that solar energy is cheaper than other energy sources.

Advantage: Photovoltaic panels are easy to install.

Believe me, the photovoltaic system is very easy to install, easier than installing a central air conditioner or solar heater.

Advantage: Solar Energy can be used in isolated areas of the power grid.

Photovoltaic solar energy is one of the best alternatives in isolated regions where there is no electricity grid, much cheaper than diesel or fuel oil generators.

In our opinion, one of the only real disadvantages is the price of the photovoltaic system which has a high initial cost. But this is also a matter of perspective.

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