Everything You Should Know About Online Assignment Help

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If you are, like many of your fellow students, having a hard time with an overwhelming amount of homework due, most probably you have examined the idea of getting an assignment writing service to sort everything out. And there is nothing wrong with that: studying eventually becomes much more complex, let alone the fact you may work part-time or carry out own projects meanwhile. Some people may also struggle because of lacking the sufficient writing skills or missing the appropriate info sources, which is also just fine.

Regardless of the intent, many students feel uncertain about reliability, quality and confidentiality of such service and are seriously concerned about the morality of purchasing the online homework solution. If the same applies to you, follow this article to find out if this kind of service has anything to do with cheating and how to choose the best provider to fulfill your needs.


How It All Works

Let’s break the service down to its defining elements. As assignment assistance services are designed to help students, they cover virtually any topic you may study in a college/university/high school. Normally, service providers have hundreds or even thousands of confirmed researchers and writers who are there to take your task. After you select the theme you need, provide with some more detail like work volume and your deadline. The finest assignment help services can offer you the task ready in as little as 3 hours even, depending on the page count. Afterwards, you proceed through the payment process and get in touch with your dedicated writer. Important note: customers are not supposed to deposit more than 50% of the price as an advanced payment to launch the process.

Upon receiving the completed order, you have a right to make a certain number of revisions at zero cost. If there is none, you are ready to go!

What are the risks?

Perhaps the most reasonable question for every prospective client of the writing helper sounds as following: “Is it cheating?”. Well, the short answer is “no”. The original version, however, is “no, if using the service as it is meant to be used”. Therefore, if you don’t want to make that 5 % of students unfortunate enough to get caught on cheating, you should know that such services are designed to provide the customers with the appropriate structure and pattern of the writing and guide in the further process of finalizing own piece of work to be submitted. Simply put, you are meant to use the provided paper just like you do with articles, books and other forms of credible and supportive literature. Technically, you can even have it as a cited source for your work.

Consequently, using such paper as a final piece is nothing else but cheating. Of course, writings are 100% plagiarism free, however, an experienced tutor will easily detect if you have run across outsourcing writers. This is explicitly stated in every service’s “Terms & Conditions” section and none of them will take the responsibility or return your funds for that matter.

When it comes to the financial side of thing, make sure you scan through the service credentials and reviews, check out the payment methods available and the initial deposit amount (not exceeding 50% of the sum) to avoid fraud.


Important Things to Ask the Writer

As soon as the dedicated writer reaches you out provide him with any instructions given in the class. Include the sub-topics to be covered in separate paragraphs, the recommended volume for each text block (intro, body, conclusion, etc.), any specific words or phrases to be utilized in the writing.

Also, describe the requirements on formatting as well as on citation style. You may give a hint on the desired manner of writing and general “tone of voice” of your paper. Do not hesitate to include references. Try to stay in touch throughout the process, in case your author needs additional detail.


Assignment writing services have started booming more than a decade ago when the industry pioneer Kenny Sahr claimed to attract over 10,000 unique website visitors to his service daily. Fair enough, getting professional help with some tough homework has become even more popular today. There is nothing wrong or illegal about that, however not everybody is aware that utilizing such services still requires own writing and additional research in order to be legit and effective. Keep that in mind and make the most of the opportunities we have today!

Susan Wallace is an expert in the field of education with a strong academic background. As she is building her career in college administration Susan participates in the number of researches focused on student behaviors. Currently, Wallace is a dean’s executive manager at one of the leading Boston colleges. 

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