Top 10 money saving tips for college students

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Making money online is a common dream because many people prefer working in the comfort of their homes. That way they can spend more time with their families and at the same time avoid waking up early to catch a bus or drive to their workplaces. Others are just looking for ways to make some extra money.

This article aims to show you how to pay for college using cash earned by doing online jobs at least to get some of your education financial burdens off your parents’ shoulders. There are various ways to make money online for students and below are the top 10 money saving tips for students.

1. Google ad-sense

Since you are already reading this page, my assumption is that you are an internet enthusiast and I believe you must have seen ads powered by Google appearing on websites. If you already have a website or a blog, then it is easy to set these ads using a Gmail account and an ad code from Google. If your site has a huge traffic and customers click on the ad-links, you earn money which is then credited into your Ad-sense account.

2. Affiliate marketing

Another way you can earn some cash online is through affiliate marketing. This works best if you have a website and you partner with businesses so that their products can be mentioned in your web’s content. While writing your content, once you mention that product, you link it to the seller using a specific code you were given when applying for affiliate partnership and if any purchase is made through your links, you automatically earn some cash.


3. Become an online consultant

If you are a student undertaking a technical course at a college or university, it is not too late to set up a web page and start offering online consultancy to clients. You may not have all the required expertise that big companies could be looking for but you may be surprised at the number of clients coming for what you already have.

4. You can write books and sell online

In the past, not everyone could write a book as the printing cost was quite high but things have changed as you can now easily compose and publish your stuff online without looking for a printing company. All you need to do is to prepare you stuff in a softcover and partner with eBook selling companies such as Amazon and soon your efforts will pay off.

5. By being a freelance writer

Nowadays there are several companies offering online writing assistance to students, and such companies are always looking for the best writers. They are quite a relief to students, just check essay writing services here. Some students have to juggle between taking their studies and pursuing other dreams, and such services are their helping hand.

6. By becoming a virtual assistant

Many companies are doing away with full-time secretaries and typists and are instead contracting virtual assistants to do the same jobs. Colleges train students on organizational and communication skills and students can use these skills by becoming virtual assistants during their free time.

7. Sharing sponsored posts

Traders no longer entirely rely on TV ads or placing adverts in the print media. They have now turned to social media and blogs and companies are constantly looking for social pages with huge followings and pay generously to have their products appear on those pages. That way people learn and buy that product and in turn, you get paid.

8. Creating a YouTube account

Google has made life easy for everyone. If you are a content developer or you have a unique or an interesting video, you can post it on your YouTube account for people to see, but for you to earn you have to subscribe to Google’s Ad network and the more viewers you get, the more you earn.

9. By creating a social group

If you are on Facebook, you must have joined some groups for one reason or another. Once you create a group and it attracts a huge following, you can partner with merchants for them to advertise their products on the wall in exchange for cash. You can also charge people the admission fee to your group and save money to pay your fees.


10. Doing online data entry jobs

Still another way you can make some extra cash is by doing data entry work. This work involves typing and filling some eForms using a computer. The amount earned depends on the amount and the quality of work done.

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