The relation between Google and VPN privacy

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The Relation Between Google And VPN Privacy

Google is an extremely popular service that now offers the general public many different tools and products that are used in everyday life. While this company started out as a simple search engine, Google now offers advertising, email accounts and even hubs for your home that come with voice activation.

It is a well-known fact that Google collects a lot of data that is used in order to improve their products but is this risky? Here, we are going to look at the relationship between Google and privacy online and discuss VPNs. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

Does Google Collect Data?

Google operates by collecting data from both the general public and businesses who use their services. When you do a simple search on their search engine, they will collect data about the queries that you search. If you are using Google Chrome as your main browser just like many others around the world, you’ll find that they also collect data that you put into that every single day.

Do you use Gmail? If so then you will find that information about your contacts and sometimes even the content that you are sending and receiving will be recorded. Many people might not realise this, and this is why it is really important to always read the privacy policy when signing up to services like this.

There are many other ways that Google collect data from their users. This includes through Google Maps where you’ll put in your location and enter where you are going. You might not even have to put in a location for your Google map to know where you are. Other products owned by Google that collect data from users include Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Ads, Google News, Google Fit, Google Hangouts and Google Photos.

This company collects information about what you look like, what your name is, where you work and much more. It is possible that Google knows a lot more about you than you actually think. This can be as deep as knowing about illnesses that you have because you have performed a search about symptoms.

How Is This Information Used?

The information gathered by Google is used for many different things. One of the most common uses of Google data is to personalise ads to you. They want to show you what you want to see and so they assess your likes and dislikes in order to create targeted ads. This information is then used by businesses who use the Google Ads service. If you don’t like the idea of personalised ads, then you can turn this off on your Google account.

The main aim of collecting this information about you is that they can improve their services. With your data, they can provide personalised services to you and communicate with you effectively. They can also use this information to develop new services and improve the services that they are already providing. It is with this that Google justifies collecting all of the data from you – but is it safe?

How To Manage Privacy When Using Google

If you are a little worried about what you have heard about Google, then you might want to stop them from collecting this data about you. Many people want to browse more privately, and the good news is that this is entirely possible. There are tools that allow you to adjust your privacy settings when you are using Google Chrome or your Google Account. You can also use private browsing to stop your search history from being collected by Google. However, this will usually still share your IP address which is not preferred by many people.

Other ways to manage your privacy when using google is to remove the permissions for reporting on your privacy. You can do this by turning off your GPS locations. This way, they won’t be able to tell where you are and record that.

Of course, if you want to browse in private entirely, you can always avoid Google products and delete your Google account. This way, they won’t be able to collect any data from you.


The best possible way to prevent Google from collecting data from you is to use a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and this hides your IP address. On the VPN, you’ll be able to use a different IP address and browse in private. There is a big relationship between Google and VPN privacy as many people utilise these services to allow them to continue to use Google products but keep their data secure.

If you are still wondering how to manage my privacy while using Google products, then don’t worry because VPNs are really easy to use. All you need to do is download the right one for you and your region and you should be able to access your favourite sites and streaming services, without Google collecting data on you. Many people are doing this in 2019 so make sure to join them and keep your personal data safe.

Final Thoughts

Google is well-known for collecting data on their customers, but do you realise the extent of this? If you are using Google products regularly then you will find that you are sending them plenty of data every single day and they can be using that to improve their services and create personalised ads.

There are plenty of ways to make your browsing more safe and secure but the best way to do this is to use a VPN. There is a big relationship between these two things as many people are seeing the dangers of having all of their information shared with big companies like Google.

Make sure to use a VPN to make your browsing more private and take on board all of the advice that we have given you in this article. Soon, you’ll be able to have peace of mind that you are safe online.

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