When will online casinos come to Cali?

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In the whole of the US, there are only two states that permit the full use of players to punt on online casinos and sports. These two states in question are Nevada which of course has the hub of gambling which is Las Vegas and more recently Pennsylvania which is expected to allow for the launch of online casinos and poker around July 15th this year.

The state also has 12 land based casinos and looks to be making the transition to the online casino world in the hope of beating the rest of the states who are also looking to take up the offer of having online casinos regulated.

However neither of these states apply to what we’re looking at today, the state in question, one of which would be the fifth biggest economy in the world should it be its own country, California.  We are going to look at the law when it comes to online casinos in California.

When can we expect to see them?

The law is complex and quite mixed when it comes to gambling in the state of California. There are two main ways for Californian citizens to gamble online and that is through sweepstakes online and poker sites which allow for residents to be able to both enjoy casino games, go bonus hunting and play poker online for cash prizes. However, to see the broader regulation of online casinos in the state looks quite unlikely if at all.

There have been years of differences between legislators and stakeholders as to whether to allow it or not. And despite being allowed to play land-based poker, you still aren’t able to play poker online. This has been down to a bill allowing for the playing of poker online having been rejected. However, when it does come to the actual land-based casinos, the state does offer one of the wealthiest and most diverse arrays of choices when it comes to gambling.

However, if you want to play an online casino while living in the state of California, you won’t be breaking any laws. The only time you would be breaking the law would be if you were to be under the age of 21, and if you’re gambling in an online casino. You will also be breaking the law if you fail to report any winnings from your online casino playing and pay the respective taxes on these winnings.

The last attempt to pass a bill through regarding the online poker bill was last year in 2018; however, this failed like the attempt before it in 2010. However, discussions are ongoing between both stakeholders and lawmakers to try to find some common ground in order to finally get this bill passed, slightly under pressure due to the popularity of poker as a sport in the state with a lack of online options when it comes to playing poker for real cash, money and prizes.

A final few words

So as we’ve discussed, you can play online casinos while being the state of California. You’ll find that most of these online casinos will be based out of state. And despite there being plenty of choices when it comes to online casinos you’ll want to consider checking out the reviews left by others player on their experience with the online casino as to whether you should avoid that casino.

Some online casinos, for example, will sometimes have a lack of customer support and will not have as many responsible gambling measures in place to ensure that you’re protected as a player.

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