Gender differences in tobacco smoking

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In modern world, people fight for human rights, including equality. This means that many jobs, entertainment, clothes, hobbies, which were considered to be for men only (probably you know the joke that golf is game for men only), fit for women also. Politicians, social activists, celebrities — all claim that we now have freedom, liberty, and balance.

Although, the world is not black and white, for sure. Scientists do researches and they prove that females and males think, behave, perceive in different ways.

Several surveys show that smoking habits and attitude towards tobacco as such for man and for women are completely unlike.

~ Where does this difference lie?

• The very first point to note is simple statistics. Almost 40 percent of men smoke. If we talk about woman, the figure is about 9 percent. What is also important to note is that nowadays sociologists observe a strong trend in increasing the number of women, who smoke. The thing is also this trend is rather consistent, but not global — in particular countries only.

• The second point that is worth noting is that among young people the trend differs. Mostly, if we talk about youth, men and women smoke in equal number. A WHO research predicts that in their adulthood the trend will be the same. However, the real situation is that women often give up smoking because of pregnancy. Some people change to vapes. The other popular reason for quitting smoking is medical conditions.

• Point number three tells us that reasons for smoking vary, they are never similar for boys and girls. The most common ground is low self-esteem, however, the underlying problems are dissimilar. Girls like it because they believe, it would help them to lose weight and, when we talk about the boys, they do it, because ‘others do’ (this means, they want to be popular, powerful and influential). Women are prone to the effects of advertising and more flexible in trying something new. This means that any time they see “Sale for tobacco!” or “The best vape: elegant, stylish, ecological!”, women do not check the information, but buy the product. As tobacco can be consumed in various ways (cigarettes, vapes, pipes, etc), sometimes they start it just because of interest. It also depends, what policies the country implies advertising and things like that. If on every billboard there is a slogan “Chose your best vape today!”, we would probably be seduced with the opportunity to try it. The most important thing is that the reason is usually determined by cultural, social, economical peculiarities of the country.

~ How different is the impact of tobacco on women and men?

• First of all, it is important to note that women get affected sooner than men. There exist several reasons for that. Firstly, women are more delicate and easier to be affected. Secondly, women (by statistics) prefer so-called ‘light’ cigarettes, which does not mean that they are safer, but vise versa. If you consume light ones, you inhale deeper and more frequently. This makes its impact on the respiratory system and also gets into blood easily.

• Secondly, woman gets diseases that men cannot develop from smoking, e.g. cancer of the cervix. The influence of tobacco may also decrease fertility or cause problems of delivering the baby. There exist women, who change cigarettes to vapes during pregnancy. They believe that because of the variety of Vapingdaily types of vapes, some might not cause problems, because they contain no nicotine. The truth differs.

Men might have problems with the reproductive system, but firstly they face problems with the respiratory and/or cardiovascular system.

• Thirdly, women get addicted easier than man. They experience stress more often and when they find something that makes them think that they relax, they keep doing it. Women’s abuse is more difficult to be cured. This happens because women have hormonal swings repeatedly and they need some external factor to amend this process.

To be on the safe side, both men and women should check the information they receive. If you deal with people, who smoke, you should always remember that you have to focus on different aspects of the problem depending on who are you working with: men or women.

~ What are the habitual difference in men’s and women’s smoking?

• For men, smoking is the tool of fighting stress, but, at the same time, it might be a sign of prestige. This point might be exemplified by popular scenes from movies: when a businessperson or powerful ‘bad guy’ smokes Cuban cigar and drinks whiskey. Young boy is attracted by vapes more. They watch YouTube and read best vape reviews, which make them interested and then they try different types of vapes and flavors and get addicted.

• For women, smoking might be the symbol of elegance, power, beautiful, prestige. A cigarette holder can be seen in a hand of elegant rich baroness in almost every romantic film. Young women are affected by advertising more. They might see cigarettes and haze as sexy. Ladies consider that smoking might make them more attractive to the opposite sex.

All in all, the boundary between men’s and women’s smoking is clear. Knowing this difference might help you to communicate with such people and to convince them in some statements.

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