The Most Unforgettable Sprint Stages in Tour de France History

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Every summer the sun usually shines on the glorious countryside and stunning town in the French native. However, if you are a cycling fan all you will get in July is a massive timeframe cycling betting and most anticipate for this time of the year. Those cyclist you have prestigious been dominant throughout the years will come to the event wearing their yellow vest for a sprinter challenge. If it happens that you wear this vest then you might be one of the best cyclists. As much the Sprint stage of the Tour de France has produced some scintillating displays, there are sprints that have taken and that will always go down in history. At this moment let’s take some time and highlight some of the unforgettable sprint stage in the Tour de France.

Melun to Paris – Stage 22: 1991

The prominent cyclist Djamolidine Abdoujaparov earnestly earned the nickname “The Tashkent Terror” due to his proficient sprinting. During the stage sprint in 1991 Johan Museeuw pleaded with the race jury to reconsider Abdoujaparov sprinting prowess after he was forced out of to finish in the early stages of the race. This was the same year we’ve seen the rise of sports-themed slots rather than the online pokies real money slots. The slot machine was initially invented in 1895 by Charles Fey.

Waregem to Compiègne – Stage 3: 2007

This sprint race saw Fabian Cancellara as one of the most impressive and dominant riders during his time. Being the time trial champion and the strength and his endurance gave him the ability to snatch the stage victory which wear meant for sprinters. During the final kilometer Cancellara took advantage of the lap and his prowess enabled him to make it through the finishing line. Waregem has gone down in the cycling history and mostly in the sprinting stage of the Tour de France.  

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