Here’s How Apple are Changing the Entertainment Industry

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Apple are no longer “that” company who make MacBooks or even iPhones. Now they are a global brand who are alone responsible for some of the biggest budget TV shows in history. If you are curious to know how they are renovating the entertainment industry, then just take a look below.

Music Streaming

The Apple News+ platform might have had a somewhat lukewarm reception. They are trying their best to rival Spotify and they are even trying to penetrate other markets too. Apple have also reportedly gained more than 28 million paid subscribers. Spotify on the other hand only has 26 million paying customers. Sure, it might sound like Apple are coming out on top here but when you take into account Spotify’s free users, they most certainly aren’t. The reason why they are becoming increasingly successful is because they are including their music offerings through the app that’s already built-into the phone, so you can take advantage of an easier and more convenient listening experience.

The App Store

The App Store is incredibly versatile. When you are equipped with an iPhone, you will soon find that you can access any gaming site with lightning efficiency too, whether it’s NetBet casino or even Miniclip. Apple are paying their developers $100 billion and this figure is set to rise even more. This is encouraging more and more people to invest in the marketplace, so it is really interesting to see how things are going to go from here.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV+ is Apple’s own attempt at trying to capture a slice of the growing market. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are dominating the industry right now but that’s not to say that Apple can’t take over. Apple have already spent over $6 billion on new content, but when compared to Netflix, they are still lagging behind. Netflix have spent $15 billion on new content and this just goes to show how dedicated they are. The main thing that you have to remember here is that Apple TV+ is super cheap and you get a year’s subscription for free if you buy an Apple product. Apple have been working hard to bring some of the best talent in the business right to your television, and although they aren’t in the lead now, they might be in the near future.

Apple Arcade

Apple have always performed poorly when it comes to gaming. Macs are not designed for gaming at all, and although Apple TV does support games, it just hasn’t become the gaming system that it should have been. IOS games on the other hand are much more popular and this happens to be where Apple excel. They are always launching new titles, and this helps them to go above and beyond for their customers. iPhone users are never bored, and although Android games are not downloadable for the device, it’s safe to say that there is more than enough to keep even the most avid of gamers entertained.

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