Top 5 Movies of 2019 You Must Watch Now

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Cinema of 2019 amazes with a huge range of films that will surely surprise fierce moviegoers and viewers who always expect an interesting plot. The premieres of the 2019 films undoubtedly surprised fans and critics, capturing their attention from the first minutes.

We have compiled for you the top films of 2019, which everyone needs to watch. The list is based on the most anticipated films, those that have already been released, and those that the audience will look forward to during the year. Some of the proposed tapes can already be viewed in good quality on streaming services such as So, here is a list of the best movies of this year.

1. At Eternity’s Gate

The main role in the film “Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity” was played by 63-year-old American actor Willem Dafoe. The plot of the biographical drama tells about the Dutch artist-impressionist and his period of life in the French city of Arles. At this time, he painted one of his most famous works – “Bedroom in Arles.” The film also shows the audience his relationship with his brother Theo.

2. Glass

The detective talks about dangerous criminals who have problems with personality disorders. All three are in a psychiatric hospital. One of them considers himself a superhero, despite the fact that he is aging. The other is Mr. Glass, a disabled terrorist. In contrast, the third criminal is very dangerous, because it fits 23 different personalities who fight among themselves.

3. The Upside

The film The Upside tells the story of two completely different people with complex fates who become best friends. The film shows the audience an intelligent millionaire Philip, the amount of money which has no boundaries. He has everything: a luxurious house, expensive cars, works of art. However, his life is very gray, because after an accident he became a person with a disability.

Having recovered from his misfortune, he never adjusted his life, because the pain never let him go. However, Philip’s life changes dramatically when he meets a dark-skinned guy named Dell.

4. Mary Queen of Scots

The film “Mary Queen of Scots” tells the tragic story of the life and death of Mary Stuart. Catholic Mary Stuart is the Queen of Scotland, as well as a possible heiress to the English throne because her cousin – Queen of England, Protestant Elizabeth I – has no children. The tape will introduce you to the ruthless Elizabeth I and the impudent Mary Stuart, who will compete in politics and love.

5. Green Book

The Green Book is a comedy-drama that talks about a guide for black tourists existing in the middle of the last century. The Green Book guide helped travelers find safe places to spend the night, gas stations, shops, and other necessary services.

Such a guide is used by the main characters of the film, who go on a trip to South America, which will change their lives. The tape received the coveted Academy Award-2019 in the nomination “Best Film of the Year”, and also received a figurine in the nomination “Best Original Screenplay”.

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