Top Horse Racing Events You Can Surely Bet At Delaware Park Racing

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Horse racing events never gets out of style as it sports fans come and gather whole year-round in top racing fields to bet for this sport. And fans get excited because of the betting opportunities that go with it. Many fans in the United States even wanted to dive into every single horse racing events happening.

If you are one of those avid fans of horse racing events, you might probably know some of the legendary horse racing fields in the United States. There’s Churchill Downs, which comes as the home of the famous Kentucky Derby. Pimlico Park is a venue for Preakness Stakes and Belmont Park for Preakness Stakes.

Besides, Breeders Cup has recently concluded, which took place in Santa Anita Park last November 1 and 2, 2019. These are some of the most famous horse racing fields in the United States that hold some of the biggest races that every bettor attends because of the big prizes.

While you may know some of the largest horse racing fields which serve as the home of notable horse racing tournaments, some other racing parks exist and holds big races too. Although they are not as famous as the ones mentioned above, they offer equally entertaining racing events and betting games, which you can surely earn big.

The Delaware Park racing is a horse racing field, golf course, and casino located in the heart of Shanton, Delaware. The establishment is owned by Delaware Park LLC, which opened its doors in 1937. Many big races take place annually in this racing field, which comes in various graded races.

Hence, as you take your chance in heading to this racing park and casino, here are some horse racing tournaments that take place annually in the said field. These races come in various racing games that you can surely gamble. They also offer big prize purses and can surely grow your bank account if you gamble rightfully.

Delaware Handicap

The Delaware Handicap is a Grade 1 Stakes held every July in the Delaware Park racing field. It is a race of fillies that are three-years-old and up. The racing distance for this competition measures around one ¼ mile and carries a purse prize of around $750,000. Throughout the years, many horse racers have successfully competed in this event, and Coup de Fusil sets the record of the fastest filly to win in 1987.

Delaware Oaks

It is another horse racing competition that takes place in the mid of July in Delaware Park racing. It is attended by three-year-old fillies who get to saddle up in a 1 1/16 mile running distance. The prize purse that each horse racer will compete is about $300, 000. All entries will compete and run on a dirt track.

Barbaro Stakes

The Barbaro Stakes has the original name of Leonard Richards Stakes. The said racing event derived its name in 2007 when a horse racer named Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby but later died when he took part in the Preakness Stakes. He shattered his legs during the competition, which lead to his death.

It is a racing event that takes place in mid-July annually in Delaware Park racing. The horse racers which are three-years-old and up qualifies to saddle up in a dirt track. They will all saddle up in a 1 1/16 mile running distance, competing for a purse prize of $100,000.

Endine Stakes

The Endine Stakes is another horse racing event that takes place every mid of September in the Delaware Park racing. It is attended by mares and fillies that come as three-year-old and up. It is a sprint type racing, which all entries saddle up in a dirt track. The running distance measures around 6 furlongs, and the winner may take home a purse prize amounting to $150, 000.

Kent Stakes

The Kent Stakes is one of the most significant horse racing events in Delaware Park racing. It is a turf racing event for all three-year-old colts running in a one ⅛ mile distance. The winning thoroughbred racer can take home a purse prize amounting to $200, 000.

Obeah Stakes

The Obeah Stakes takes place every mid of June in Delaware Park racing. Only three-year-old colts and up can join the said racing competition as they will all saddle up in a dirt track. The running distance measures around one ⅛ mile, and winners may take home a prize around $100,000.


The Delaware Park racing and horse racing tournaments held can surely give you an entertaining betting game. Thus, considering all the racing events held in the said racing field can hone your betting skills and help you scout horse racers who can win in big races without any hitch.

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