Top 5 Ideas From “Gambling 102” Book You Can Use for Online Casino

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Top 5 Ideas From Gambling 102 Book You Can Use for Online Casino

Let’s start by explaining what “Gambling 102” is. It is a book written by Michael Shackleford and its full name is “Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games”. You already know who Michael Shackleford is if you are interested in “mathematics” of gambling: he is the guy who founded the famous “Wizard of Odds” website, which contains probability calculations for all casino games.

Whether you are playing at minimum deposit or £1 deposit casino sites or playing with big bankrolls, these calculations will be very useful to you, as it is possible to increase your winning odds by using these probabilities in certain games. In short, Mr Shackleford knows what he is doing when it comes to calculating odds for casino games, and his book contains really useful ideas that can help you to score bigger winnings in the UK low deposit casino. The book was published in 2005, but recently an updated version is released. We read that version and picked the top 5 ideas – you can see them below. And if you want to read the full book, you can purchase it from Amazon

Your Chances of Winning a Side Bet in Blackjack Are Low

The Best Probabilities in Baccarat After Two Cards

If you play baccarat, you already know that the goal is to reach 9 points in total, or a total higher than the banker. Just like blackjack, both sides get two cards at the beginning. And the total of those cards determines the probability of winning that game – some totals are simply better than others. “Gambling 102” states these facts about the total of the first two cards in baccarat:

  • Up until 5 points, the banker has a much better chance of winning that game. To give you an idea, your chance of winning a game with 5 points is 0.358488. At that point, the chance of the banker is 0.537849. The advantage is always at the banker up until 5 points.
  • If you have 6 points or more, the advantage is yours. Once again, here are the actual numbers: your chance of winning a game with 6 points is 0.430362. At that point total, the banker has a winning chance of 0.427801. These are very close numbers – you have the advantage by a very small margin. But after reaching 7 points, you are the clear winner: with 7 points, you have a 0.572657 chance of winning that game, while the chance of the banker is only 0.285046.

Your Chances of Winning a Side Bet in Blackjack Are Low

You can see lots of “progressive blackjack” games in UK low deposit casino sites. These are ordinary blackjack games, but they have a progressive side bet: if you win the game with a certain card combination (for example, with Ace of Spades and 10 of Hearts), you also qualify for the progressive jackpot payout. This can reach quite high amounts: it is even possible to see hundreds of thousands of Pounds. So, is this a good idea? How likely are you to win this side bet?

Gambling 102 states that you won’t be able to win this bet unless you are very, very lucky. The house edge of this side bet is 43.90%. The expected return (RTP) is only 56.10% per pound bet. These are very high values – to give you an idea, the normal RTP of classic blackjack is somewhere between 99% and 100%. In the long run, you will lose half of your bankroll (that you use to place a bet for this outcome). In fact, you are much more likely to hit by a meteor than winning a side bet in blackjack. In short, don’t play this bet: you cannot win it. 

Some Blackjack Rules Are Better Than Others

There are lots of blackjack variants around. You can find them especially at minimum deposit casino sites, and they seem to offer the most variants. Each variant has a specific ruleset: some are played with a single deck, some allow an early surrender, some forbid late surrender… In short, different variants have different rules. And some rules are better than others: they simply offer increased RTP rates. This means you will lose less & win more in the long run, if you prefer to play these blackjack variants. 

  • “Single Deck Blackjack” is the best variant you can play, and it offers the highest RTP rate. 
  • The rule “early surrender against 10” adds another 0.24% on top of the usual RTP of blackjack. 
  • “Player may double on any number of cards” is the next best rule – it adds 0.23%. 
  • If you are allowed to late surrender or resplit Aces, both options give you an additional 0.08%. 
  • If the “European no hole card” rule is active, this is a bad thing – it lowers the RTP rate by -0.11%.
  • If the dealer is allowed to hit on soft 17, this is also not a good thing. This rule lowers the RTP rate by an additional -0.22%.

    You Can Get a Positive RTP Rate in Some Games 

Now let us remind you what a positive RTP thing is. Basically, it guarantees that you will make a profit. It is extremely rare for a simple reason: such games make casino operators lose money. Blackjack has the highest RTP rate (between 99% and 100%), but even it cannot guarantee a profit, because the percentage never goes above 100%. The operator will manage to make money from even the most professional blackjack player in the world. But if the RTP value is over 100%, things are reversed. Now the player starts making money through the operator. You can imagine how rare such a thing could happen.

Well, it happens: Gamble 102 lists three video poker games with a positive RTP rate. They are Full-Pay Deuces (100.76% RTP), Double Bonus (100.17% RTP), and Double Double Bonus (100.07% RTP). Of course, in order to get these rates, you must play optimally. If you don’t know what you are doing, even 200% RTP rates won’t be enough to make a profit. And if you are wondering, these are the best video poker games that offer an RTP rate higher than 99%: Jacks Or Better, Bonus Deuces, Bonus Poker Deluxe, and Super Aces Bonus Poker. 

Online casino roulette game

There May Be Some “Hot Numbers” on Roulette… or Maybe Not

With the right software, anybody can run a roulette simulation and find out if there are really “hot numbers” or not. In other words, do some numbers really appear more than others? At first sight, the answer seems to be “yes”. Mr Shackleford used lots of roulette simulations to find the answer, and after 300 spins, these are the numbers that appeared the most: 20, 5, 29, and 2. So, is this unusual? Does it mean something?

Well, no. The average number for wins for any number is 8.11 in European Roulette (300/37=8.11) and 7.9 in American Roulette (300/38=7.9). Statistically, some numbers will appear slightly more than others; this is normal and expected. The thing is, these won’t be “fixed” numbers: you can run dozens of simulations, and different numbers will appear slightly more each and every time. In other words, no, there are no hot numbers on roulette – your winning chance is the same for any number.

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