4 Weekend activities while quarantined

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While quarantined at home we realize what we have been taking for granted all along. But we can’t let this get us down, so in this article I will give a few tips on what to do in the weekend while quarantined. It’s nice to be interactive with friends even in these days.

1. Quarantine Bingo

Suddenly it’s going to be quiet in the Hangout… Is the technology failing? No, it’s something else… the winning number is getting closer. Imagine playing bingo over a hangout. Drawing numbers from an old mill can be fun. Online viewers – friends and family – carefully keep their bingo card…..

See here the result of a simple formula: game + friends/family = conviviality. And yes, it works surprisingly well. It breaks through the grind of a day where you don’t see many people. The bingo as an energy boost, who would have thought that?

2. WhatsApp Blackjack

You’re either a gambler or you’re not. For years we have been organizing poker and blackjack nights with our friends. Just, a pack of cards on the table and crate of beer underneath. Fun for men.

In this corona quarantine, impossible. But because blood crawls where it can’t go, we try the self-conceived WhatsApp Blackjack. The app allows you to make images calls with up to four people at once. One friend shares the cards from home, three others play live.

The concept also help with: the tension, coziness and quick humor: everything is there. It’s not blackjack the way we’re used to, but in times of quarantine we can do something together with your friends and forget everything else for a while: that’s worth quite a lot. Of course there is an alternative like online casino.

3. Cooking from a distance

“How much water did you have to add?” Cooking the same via Facetime, does that create a bond?

Cooking together creates a bond, but does it work even if there is a physical gap? I’m testing it this week with good friend Kees. Cooking together remotely turns out to work fine. The real surprise is at the end, when we join for the meal itself. With a laptop on the table, we eat our newly cooked dish together, and this suddenly starts to feel very lifelike.

4. Home workout

Staying fit instead of growing shut down is the extra (personal) challenge of this crisis time. Browsing through YouTube and Facebook you can find many challenges and workout routines.

Many gym are coming up with their own challenges, which can simply be run from home. And so I do a whole series of exercises in the backyard with my girlfriend every day nowadays, 50 times in a row. We clock the time and share it online. The good thing, again here: together is not alone.

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