Biggest Changes in the Casino Industry

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Anyone that has been around the casino industry over the last few decades would’ve have noticed how it’s changed. Even the famous Las Vegas Strip has undergone several changes. The Vegas of the ’50s, ’60s, and even ’70s is long gone. After surviving the scandal-plagued ’90s the Strip is now a tourist destination known almost as much for its themed hotels and fabulous shows as it is for gambling. These changes in Vegas have also had a major impact on the casino industry. Keep up with the latest news in the casino industry with Smartcasinoguide.

What’s Changed in the Casino Industry

The casino industry has changed. Even slot machines have evolved over the years. Some of the changes have been barely noticeable to players, like improved security around and in the games. Trying to cheat Vegas was never easy, now it is almost impossible. Another big change occurred in the gaming commission. Corruption is all but gone and now the casino industry has become a reputable business. Here are some of the other ways the gaming industry has changed.

Online Gaming

One of the biggest changes in the gaming industry occurred with the introduction of online casinos. All of a sudden avid gamers could play the slots, blackjack, and even poker from almost anywhere with an internet connection. Some of the online casinos are “just for fun”. There is no monetary payout to your bank account. Instead, players win free spins and collect other online prizes that can only be used to continue playing the game.

Other online casinos are modeled after Vegas and Monte Carlo. Players will often find their favorite slots along with a variety of other games. It is necessary to create an account before you start playing. You’ll also need to purchase chips or spins with real-world funds. Players can win jackpots both daily and progressive. There are also giveaways, just like at the major Vegas casinos.

Whether you play for fun or to win monetary prizes, being able to “go to” the casino online has been a welcome change for avid gamers.

East Asia

Since the mid ‘2000s growth has been gradually slowing along the Vegas Strip. New hotels and casinos aren’t going up as quickly as they once did. This slow-down isn’t due to a lack of space or property, instead, it’s being influenced by several factors. One was the 2008 recession, and the other is the growing casino industry in East Asia. More specifically, Macau.

Part of the People’s Republic of China, Macau has become a major player in the casino industry. Not only do several of the popular online gaming sites originate in Macau, but it has also become a hot spot for Vegas developers. Steve Wynn, among others famous for their Vegas hotels and casinos, have all entered into Macau’s casino industry. For some that remember the “old days of Vegas”, the somewhat lawless atmosphere surrounding gaming in Macau may bring back a sense of nostalgia.

Legalization of Gaming

Another big change to the industry is the legalization of gambling in states other than Nevada. Las Vegas and Reno used to have a monopoly on casinos. If you wanted to play a game of chance at a casino, it’d require a trip to one of these two cities. Not anymore, over the last several years other states have joined Nevada and legalized gaming in at least one or two cities.

Federal law also allows Native American tribes to operate casinos on their land. Over thirty states have also legalized some form of sports betting and most allow online casinos to operate, as long as gaming regulations are followed. With casinos around the country, the gaming commission is having to expand to keep up with the growth. This also means that each state has its’ own set of gaming laws in addition to federal ones. Legalization might make it easier to find a nearby casino, but it has also made it difficult for gamers and owners to keep up with various state and federal laws.

Price to Play

This isn’t an unexpected change, but it’s not a welcome one for players. Over the years it has gotten more expensive to play. Penny slots are almost non-existent. Nickel slots are also becoming scarce. Slots aren’t the only games to change their prices, $5 tables or buy-ins are no longer the minimum. Now, most casinos start their buy-ins at $25 but it can be higher depending on the game.

The Fun Hasn’t Changed

Even though there have been some major changes to the casino industry, one thing has always remained the same. Whether it’s an online or brick-and-mortar casino, every owner/operator wants their patrons to have fun. Locations and prices might change, along with some regulations, but the excitement of playing is a constant.

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