Online Lottery VS The State of California

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California is a state in the US that has proudly hosted its own lottery since 1985. Residents of the state have enjoyed the pleasure of experiencing a range of lottery games such as scratchers, draws, pools and more. However, what residents are yet to experience is online lottery.

Online lottery, like state lottery in California is also growing in popularity. Customers from around the world are starting to enjoy the different online lottery games that they can play all around the clock in order to win some appealing cash prizes. The convenience of online lottery is what draws so many players to it, which raises the question of why it is not legal in California?

This isn’t just an issue that has just occurred, it is not the first time that this has been the case. Other countries across the globe have experienced this type of controversy with their governments. But then you look at the country of India which is also split into states, however not one of them has any legislation to prevent Indian locals from buying international lottery tickets online. So why is the state of California like this and is there any sign of them uplifting this law to make it legal for residents to play online lottery? Looking towards the future, it seems that it is highly likely to be the case that online lottery games will be legal in the state of California. Gambling as a whole is become more and more acceptable across America and it is only a matter of time until California give in to the power of the public.

However, this is just a matter of opinion and of course the odd rumour that you hear. The state of California does have a nice process in place that makes lottery within the state easy to manage. They have introduced modern technology into their lottery games by creating an app that checks numbers for you. All of the revenue also goes towards education within the state and that helps explain why they want to try and keep lottery within the state and not allow online lottery to perhaps take over.

The History of California Lottery

  1. The lottery act was passed in 1984 after being approved by 58% of voters. This allowed lottery to be set up in California.
  2. In 1985, the very first lottery ticket was sold which was for a game called scratchers. This was the first type of lottery game that was allowed before any others.
  3. Forward to a year later, in 1986, lottery draw games became available and the very first ticket was for Lotto 6/49.
  4. Then fast forward to 1990, this is when more games were introduced. Players could now play daily draw games and lottery punters will still be familiar with this game now.
  5. In 2005, California now started offering Mega Millions which is a multi-state lottery. This type of game has huge jackpots available.
  6. Moving onto 2010, some slight changes were made to the Lottery Act to make it more enjoyable for players.
  7. Finally in 2013, California began offering Powerball lottery, which was never available previously.

There is of course loopholes that residents can find which will allow them to access overseas platforms and experience a wider variety of lottery games but this isn’t the most efficient way for players to play and some would rather enjoy something a little more closer to home. By introducing online lottery platforms that are set up in the state, they could continue to funnel money through to the state education and even earn more revenue if it was to be ran properly, so if this is what they are worried about, it can easily be altered to benefit them more and bring in more revenue.

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