What will be Silicon Valley’s ‘next big thing’?

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Technology always seems to have a habit of marching on. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that Silicon Valley is going to continue pushing for further life-changing innovations. But where could SV be heading in the years to come? Will it be bringing cleaning and cooking automatons to our homes? Will it be setting up entirely virtual casinos with live dealer blackjack NJ and elsewhere? There is a world of possibility out there.

As a result, it’s time to consider some of the emerging tech and design innovation likely to be popping up in the years to come. Here is just a taste of what we could see emerging from the Valley very soon.

Mixing AR and VR

One thing that movers and shakers are keen to push for right now is the blending of realities. That is a merger of AR and VR. AR stands for augmented reality, and it is already commonly found across apps, games, and even marketing tools. VR is, of course, virtual reality. It brings people into virtual worlds, while AR brings virtual objects into the real world.

Therefore – plenty of people in and around Silicon Valley are very excited about how they are going to blend AR and VR for the better in the future. This is a concept known as MR or mixed reality. It can seem a little confusing; however, what it may mean is that we are all able to dive into artificial worlds and interactions sooner than we may imagine.

Focusing away from full automation

As automation grows ever more impressive, there is still a big worry among some that robots might just inherit the Earth. While we are centuries away from anything close to a Terminator-esque landscape, it’s safe to say that AI is growing all the more prescient.

However, some are keen to suggest that we should focus our energy on applying AI to everyday tasks, rather than replacing people outright. Therefore, it is likely we may be seeing more apps and technologies which use minimal AI, not human replacements, in the near future. With current trends in home assistance and IFTTT continuing to pull mass interest, it will hardly be surprising to see such emergence.

Driverless cars

Yes, we are still at a point where we are talking about driverless or autonomous cars. The fact is this technology is taking a long time to perfect. It is already active and available in some territories. However, for long-term safety and progress, rigorous testing must continue.

Silicon Valley is still hugely excited by driverless car tech, meaning that we will undoubtedly be seeing more of this shortly. There are big brands and shakers in the automotive industry, showing they are seriously interested. Therefore, it’s likely Silicon Valley is going to continue innovating and pushing for results.

Desalination and water purity

This innovation may not be the most obvious to everyday techies right now, but it’s creating a real buzz in the Valley. There are already steps emerging to bring desalination across the east. With much of CA suffering from drought conditions, new tech innovations for purifying water could be a clear answer to a lack of drinkable and usable H2O.

However, as with all tech emerging from the Valley, this is naturally going to take time to iron out. However, start-ups and green enterprises are deeply concerned about the cleanliness of the water, so it’s not going to be surprising to see innovations in this regard start emerging sooner rather than later.

Immunity boosters

If there is anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world, it is that we need to boost our immune systems more than ever. Tech and innovation in Silicon Valley right now are actively looking at ways to boost immunity against some of the world’s most dangerous diseases. For example, HIV breakthroughs are coming thick and fast.

Much of the SV innovation into immunity revolves around gene editing and related therapies. With cancers still undergoing substantial research, and with a certain coronavirus having made things more complicated, it’s likely that the Valley will continue to pursue immunity advancements.

What’s next?

The key to innovation lies in the unknown. While there are plenty of emerging innovations coming from SV right now, the most exciting ones are those we are yet to think of. It’s worth keeping an eye on what Valley innovators have to bring to the global stage in the years to come.

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