Can Gambling Pay for Our Prior Needs?

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Let’s raise a very controversial question – can a person earn money by gambling? The first answer, I am sure, I will hear is “No, by gambling you can only lose!”. But what about those famous poker players and amazing casino winners that made their fortune by gambling. Maybe there is a room for discussion here and it might be that those casino winners would argue with you. By taking time to learn rules, strategies and competitors of a certain game we can possibly turn casino gambling into fun and entertaining job, as others did. The article is not giving answers, it just gives you ideas and opens up a question to discuss. 

Why Do We Need a Quality Healthcare

There are important and less important factors that we need to pay for in our lives. For the majority of people, health would be the most important subject. Healthcare is incredibly important and incredibly expensive, too. Healthcare is something that extends the longevity and quality of your life so having the right doctor, the right medical staff, and to have money for the proper monthly health insurance payments are key. Good healthcare can cover a range of things. Doctors can provide free or inexpensive vaccines, check up on your regular health, even things like pregnancy services. Good doctors will work hard not just to diagnose what is not wrong with you and then send you away, a good doctor will diagnose and provide you with adequate tests, procedures and medicine. 

Gambling as a Job

But paying for healthcare comes at a high cost. One of the ways that modern people are funding such things is to utilize gambling. Gambling today is an entertaining way to not only pass the time but to generate supplemental income on a more sporadic basis than a regular job. Many people who seek out secondary jobs to supplement their current income have scheduling problems primarily. Having free time for a few hours every other day or perhaps two days a week, having a changing schedule, all of this proves problematic to finding someone who will hire for part-time work. However, many people are finding that online games provide the opportunity to gamble and utilize strategy to increase the odds of winning. Access to mobile technology and laptop-based games means that individuals who have that free hour every other day for a few minutes free here and there can play online to earn extra income. Now you can play online pokies at for real money.

The Appeal of Online Games

In addition to providing a stream of potential revenue, many people are using online games as a great alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar gambling because of things like free bonuses and higher payouts. Hotel and Casino operators have a high overhead cost that they need to integrate into fees that users have to pay. For example, a casino has to pay for security, they have to pay for the physical furniture, they have to pay for a bartender, they have to pay for the lease and the electricity on the physical space, and they have to pay for all other employees who manage the games. When this is transferred to a virtual setting they do not have many of these costs. So, traditional brick-and-mortar settings have to raise things like the minimum bet and they don’t offer high payouts because that is how they generate the money necessary to cover these costs. When you don’t have these costs, such as with online games, there is higher profit afforded casinos. This higher profit means that the casinos can pay out not only more often but in higher increments to their winners. They can reduce the minimum bet required so players can enjoy games for pennies per game. More importantly, they can also offer things like bonuses.

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