Sports Betting Finally Moves Forward in California

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Gambling is very restricted in California, unlike in most other states. Players are limited to several poker sites, Sweepstakes casinos, and betting on fantasy sports and horse racing.

However, the most popular types of gambling, sports betting and online casinos haven’t been legal in the state and thus haven’t been legal in Santa Clarita Valley either. However, recent events are changing this.

Sports betting has come very close to being formally legalized in the state of California. The Senate Committee on Government Organization discussed and approved a bill that will regulate sports betting. The law was titled SCA and it passed with nine votes in favor, while three were opposed.

This bill means that sports betting and several online gambling games are now one step closer to becoming legal in the state. This is a big move for the state government because California has been on the sidelines in the last two years when it comes to sports betting. Many other states have rushed to legalize the practice, but California was essentially standing still.

State senator Bill Dodd stated that the Senate had a duty to legalize sports betting in California because it was a way to increase the revenues of local communities. His admission wasn’t surprising, as the state is facing a massive deficit. Many lawmakers have started creating laws that will enable the state to fill its budget, and legalizing sports betting is one of the ways to do it.

The law will enable tribal casinos and racetracks in the state to open sportsbooks and offer online gambling options. This law will also allow a few casino games like roulette, dice games, blackjack, and Texas hold ‘em poker. This is good news for anyone who wants to play these casino games.

Naturally, Californians can still play other casino games in the before-mentioned Sweepstakes online casinos and win some nice rewards, as long as they know the games well and follow tips from pros. You can always find tips on how to win in online casino games on many sites on the web, like Unfortunately, Sweepstake casinos cannot meet the needs of players who want to test their skills in other casino games. 

Luckily for them, online gambling in California is moving in the right direction. With the introduction of online sports betting and a few casino games, players from California will finally get the chance to enjoy more gambling games, while the state will get a chance to reduce their deficit.

The current estimates say that California loses around $10 billion annually because of illegal wagers. By legalizing a big part of these wagers, the state will finally get the chance to reap some rewards from such a massive market.

Naturally, the bill still has to move forward, and it needs to be approved by the majority of voters in the state. With the tribal casinos opposing the regulations, we can’t say for sure that this will happen in the end. However, the current development is favorable for the bill, so we have high hopes of it succeeding.

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