3 Amazing English Soccer Players Who Flopped In The MLS

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Being an avid Soccer fan, I watch the seasons come and go, but there’s one thing I have noticed in recent times, more and more British players departing English Leagues for a new life Stateside.

Ten years ago, The MLS could only attract players who had one or two seasons left in their career. Short term it made sense for all parties, players received the big payouts. 

Teams such as LA Galaxy or the New York Red Bulls increased hype around their club, which propelled their brand above their competitors, attracting new players and fans alike.

MLS Youth Recruitment Levels Up

Fast forward to present time and it feels like there are a lot more youth players making their trip West across the pond. 

It’s well published that young players struggle to get game time in European lower leagues, never mind the Premier League, so they request loan deals to the MLS, hoping to improve their game with playing time, which is a smart move and great for the MLS too. 

There are rumours that some of the English players love weekend trips to Las Vegas or the casino online. I know the FA banned players from all forms of betting and gambling, but it doesn’t stop some of these high profile players.

The following three players are some of the best English players who made the switch to play in the MLS, unfortunately, they didn’t make the same impact as they did in England. Nonetheless, it was these players that sparked my interest in American soccer and MLS. So in no particular order….

Wayne Rooney

DC United (2018-2019)

England and Manchester United top goalscorer and for many years the hardest worker on the pitch. Covering more distance and miles than any other player, every single week. 

The best goal I saw him score was the bicycle kick against Manchester City.  

I once watched a documentary about several sports Scientist pushing his body to the limit. Everyone all agreed that they had never met anyone like him before.

For some reason, he couldn’t replicate his form from previous seasons in the Premier League and lasted just one season at DC United.

Frank Lampard

New York City FC (2015-2016)

Before making the switch to America he was a Chelsea player, even though he had short spells at Manchester City, he will still a Chelsea boy. 

One of the best English midfield players to wear an England National shirt. Although they massively underachieved at every World Cup and Euro’s, you could never ask for anything more from Frank.

He also scored more goals than 90% of the Premier League strikers. Currently ranked the fifth-highest goals scorer of all time with 177 goals in his Premier League career. 

Ranking higher than Theirry Henry who is voted the best Premier League player in history. His IQ level is the highest ever known English player to date.

Again, just like his English counterparts, Frank seemed to be stuck in first gear while playing in the MLS. Was no surprise that it came to a crashing end after just one season in New York.

David Beckham

LA Galaxy (2007-2012)

Probably the most famous guy of the modern era and one of the best passing players to exist. So much talent and accuracy, the number of free-kicks he’s scored to save England and Manchester United were second to none. 

Sometimes he’s not given enough credit due to his highly recognised lifestyle outside of football. I know he was one of the players caught by Sir Alex Ferguson inside the kasyno online. Roy Keane and Rio Ferdinand were alongside David too, all receiving huge fines from the club.

I think he’s had an amazing career, one of the best. Playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, then, of course, he went to Paris and Milan too. I’m sure it would have been Victoria behind those transfers though.

Although he played in the MLS for five years and out of all the list, he was the most successful. He still massively underachieved comparing to his English Premier League career.


Although quite a negative headline and article, I can only see positive improvements in Amerca over the last decade or so. 

I’m already hooked! We already see more goals on average per game comparing against most European leagues. it’s an exciting and full-on ninety minutes of football.

Also as mentioned earlier, youth recruitment and identifying future stars will do nothing but promote the league to one of the best leagues in the World.

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