Look before you leap – why you need to check casino reviews before you join

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While most businesses have spent recent weeks licking their wounds and wondering whether things will ever return to normal, there are a few that have found themselves busier than ever in the first part of 2020. Those operating in the online casino sector are a prime example. With land-based casinos temporarily out of action, sports betting on an enforced hiatus and millions sitting around their homes bored, it is no surprise that online casinos have been one of the few success stories of the year to date. 

It is far easier to set up a casino in cyberspace than in the real world, so naturally, there have been plenty of enterprising souls looking to enter the market. With new casinos appearing every week, the options can be overwhelming, especially to new player. This is where online casino reviews are so important. Here are some of the aspects that a casino reviewer will consider and that you need to think about before signing up with an online casino platform.


When you join a casino, you provide personal information during registration and you deposit hard-earned funds with them in order to play the games. Ensuring that both your money and your personal data will be secure should be the top priority. The best casinos will shout their security credentials from the rooftops, and their licenses and accreditation details should be plain to see on the home page. If there is any ambiguity here, be ready to walk away.

Choice of games

An online platform does not have the space limitations of a physical casino, so most have hundreds of slots and dozens of table games. Having said that, some specialize in certain areas, for example slots, live gaming or poker. Think about what you really want from your gaming experience before you commit.


Casino sites love to tempt new members with promotions and bonuses for new members. These might include hundreds of free spins or no-deposit bonuses that look too good to be true. The simple advice here is to always read the small print. No deposit bonuses typically have a large wagering requirement, meaning you have to win several times their value before you can withdraw anything. Other bonuses like free spins might only apply to certain games or may expire after a short period of time.

Mobile gaming

The majority of games are played on mobile devices these days. Most casino sites accommodate this, but the mobile site does not always have the full functionality of the desktop version. If mobile gaming is important to you, check the casino works in exactly the same way regardless of the platform you are using. 

An established reputation

Inevitably, many online casino sites are new on the scene. Sometimes that is a good thing, as a fresh broom brings innovative ideas and the latest technology. However, there are also risks attached when you bind yourself financially to any new business. Research suggests that 90 percent of startups will ultimately fail, and although the success rate is far better in a booming industry like igaming, this is still a factor to keep in mind.

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