Blackjack Online: Strategies And Tips For Winning Mindset

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Blackjack is a classic French and Spanish card game played since the 16th century. Now, blackjack online is one of the world’s leading casino games. In reality, apart from poker, blackjack is the most popular card game in the world of online gambling.

While the rules of blackjack online are easy, that does not imply there is no technique. Although most people have played this game, few people understand the advanced tactics that can be used in the game. There are a number of strategies that can be used in the blackjack card game, whether you are an experienced player or a player completely new to the game, knowing these strategies will help you. In our detailed online blackjack introduction, we will discuss these strategies and more.

How to play blackjack online

The simplicity of the blackjack game makes it an easy-to-play casino game. The number of players may range from one to three while playing against the casino dealer. The game can use one to eight decks of cards. The game’s goal is to make the hand value as close to blackjack as possible and defeat the dealer without exceeding the blackjack.

Up to three players bet at the beginning of each round. When the bet is placed, the dealer passes the cards chronologically and offers the player a face-up card, and the dealer still gets a face-up card. After that, the next turn is another round of face-up cards, but the dealer’s second card is face down.

The player on the left first decides whether to ask for another card (bid) or not (stop bid). Then the dealer goes to the next player until all the players’ cards have been dealt with. When the dealer has dealt the cards to each player, his own face-down cards will be displayed. If the cards’ total value is less than or equal to 16, he must take another card. The dealer must stand whether the number is 17 or more.

Guide to Winning Online and Live Blackjack

Blackjack online is nothing more than the virtual counterpart of the historic casino game. The rules, the types of bets, even the feelings are the same: the only advantage you have is that you don’t even have to leave the house to play. And that’s no small thing these days.

Online blackjack can be found in practically any blackjack casino: it is one of those games that cannot be missed. But be careful to choose an arcade that suits your characteristics and, above all, enjoys an excellent reputation.

On trusted casino sites, you can enjoy different versions of the online blackjack game, such as the Professional Series, or the game with a single deck of cards, but also live blackjack where a live streaming dealer will serve you for a challenge to the maximum of realism. Often, then, you will discover that some special bonuses are dedicated to blackjack online: an opportunity not to be missed to have a little extra budget with which to hunt down the legendary 21.

Here’s how to increase the odds of winning

Winning at blackjack online game isn’t easy, but it’s certainly not impossible. You should also know that this card game is one of the few that allows you to implement a number of effective strategies to win. Unlike other online casino games, in fact, it is your choices that can make the difference.

Understanding when to call and when not, understanding when to double and when it is better not to, but also establishing an adequate budget to play in peace: we wish you to win, but you will happen to lose and when it will happen, it should never be a problem for you.

1 – Learn the rules and test them for free

The first rule of winning blackjack online is to learn the rules of the game well. It is not difficult and you will notice it, but there are many small rules that are good to know before starting to play online blackjack for real money.

In any case, after studying, you can put into practice what you have learned without spending a single cent. Our advice is, in fact, to do some practice thanks to the free online blackjack, which you can find in any virtual gaming room.

2 – Don’t buy insurance

Many variants of online blackjack (actually most of them) allow you to purchase so-called insurance, i.e. a policy on the eventuality of the dealer facing 21 (i.e. blackjack): stay away, always!

In fact, buying insurance significantly lowers your overall profit: from a purely mathematical point of view, it is only worthwhile at the counter. Forget it: your aim must be to beat the dealer, not to prevent him from beating you … there is a big difference!

3 – Learn which numbers to stand or draw with

Your hand’s value in blackjack online game is not absolute: it depends a lot on the dealer’s card. When the dealer’s up card is a face or ace, it’s okay to risk more and maybe hit a card even if you have 14 or 15 points. This is because if the dealer’s face down card, also called as hole card, is a face card, and you will still lose.

The dealer’s up card has a value between 2 and 6; it is useless to risk too much when you have a mediocre hand like the one above. This is because the dealer is forced to draw until he scores at least 17 points: in this case, he is more likely to bust, so… avoid going bust yourself!

4 – Make good use of doubling and splitting

Double down and split are two important rules of online blackjack, which can win you a lot more money if used well. The reasoning is partly linked to the above: doubling down when the dealer shows an ace or a face is very risky, better to do it in all other cases.

For the split, the matter is a bit more complex. In general, never split pairs of 10s, 5s or 4s, while always splits pairs of aces or 8. For all other cases, it depends on the dealer’s hand: if he shows a card between 3 and 7, the split is not wrong; it is not even in the other cases, but know that your chances of winning decrease significantly.

5 – Choose wisely between online and live blackjack

Blackjack online and live blackjack are not exactly the same. Of course, the rules are identical, but in live blackjack, there are interactions with people in the flesh (first of all, the dealer) that are lacking in online blackjack.

If you think you are a person who is easily distracted or who struggles to stay focused, opt for online blackjack; if, on the other hand, you love to chat when you play, then live blackjack is for you.

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