Is California The Best Place to be For Streamers Looking For Success?

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Thanks to the meteoric rise of YouTube and Twitch, getting into streaming is now considered to be a viable career path. The former has more than 1.8 billion users, while the latter attracts 15 million unique viewers each day. According to Forbes, online streaming and professional gaming are vocations which can bring in $300,000 per year to those who are dedicated, so it should come as no surprise that so many young adults want to go in this direction. In terms of where to go to find success as a streamer, California could be the place to be. It is the home of YouTube and Twitch, and its climate and surroundings make for an excellent backdrop in the videos.

Have YouTube and Twitch Headquarters Had an Impact on California?

When Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim founded YouTube in 2005, they couldn’t have envisioned that it would go on to become a $15 billion per year business. The video sharing platform took the world by storm, and has been one of the defining features of the internet age. It gave anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to put content out there and get recognized, and many people have found fame and success in doing so. YouTube paved the way for other streaming sites, with Twitch being one of the most successful platforms inspired by the behemoth.

A tour of the YouTube headquarters

The game streaming service began in 2011, and was so successful in its first few years that Amazon bought it for $970 million in 2014. Twitch has been credited with being one of the main catalysts behind the rise of the eSports industry as well, which is now worth over $1 billion in 2020. Both YouTube and Twitch have given everyday people the chance to create and market their own content, and the beauty of it is that no experience or qualifications are required.

YouTube and Twitch both have their headquarters in California, with the former located in San Bruno and the latter in San Francisco. The state is renowned for having a heavy focus on media, with Hollywood in Los Angeles being the number one spot for film production on the planet. Industry in the San Francisco Bay Area predominantly focuses on technology. This means that internet companies in the state with a focus on video streaming are well placed strategically to benefit from business contacts in both of the main cities. The fact that YouTube and Twitch are both situated in California has attracted a lot of streamers to move to the state.

What Are The Main Factors That Make Santa Clarita Valley and the Surrounding Area Perfect For Streamers?

A vast number of streamers are either based in California already, or move there in an effort to make the big time. The fact that a lot of successful YouTubers are based here isn’t random. It’s because a high number of major networks are also located in the state. For example, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, and Collective Digital Studio are all based in Los Angeles. These popular studios usually look to sign talent in the area because it is much more convenient for them than looking further afield.

Because of the high number of streamers in California, some streamers choose to move here to increase the chances of being able to collaborate with others. In addition to this, it is easier to get funding from companies like LaunchPad and Amplify if located in the state. Simply being in and around Los Angeles could even land some streamers roles in television shows or movies.

Rebecca Black singing Friday

A few of the biggest YouTubers on the planet are located in California, and serve as inspiration to others who want to follow in their footsteps. One of the best-known California-based YouTube stars is Shane Dawson, who won the Choice Web Star award in 2010 and has more than 16 million subscribers. Another is the singer Rebecca Black, who released the song, Friday, which has had over 145 million views. This helped to kick start her music career. After seeing the success of everyday people like these, budding streamers feel that the USA’s most populous state is the place to be to launch a career.

Along with there being a lot of successful streamers in the state already, there are other variables which make the state so perfect for video streaming. Many would argue, for instance, that the scenery and surroundings in the Golden State are the most beautiful in the whole of the USA. In Santa Clarita Valley there are numerous paseos and trails for hiking, and spots to take in breathtaking views. There are also some stunning golf courses, parks, nature spots, and animal sanctuaries, all of which make excellent locations for creating videos. On top of all that, the weather is hot and sunny most of the time.

What are The Most Common Applications of Live Streaming?

One of the main reasons why streaming is such a credible career path is because the platform is massive and it is only going to get bigger and better. It has a vast number of applications, meaning that streamers with keen business knowledge may be able to break into upcoming niches when they arise.

At the moment, one of the best-known applications of streaming outside YouTube and Twitch is in the online casino industry. This sector was one of the first to use live streaming as a way to connect players with real life table games in their own homes. Now, live casino has become ubiquitous, and the offerings range from classics like roulette and blackjack, to modern offerings such as live game shows. The technology has bridged the gap between online and land-based casinos, and it could lead on to other innovations in the future. Some of the main reasons why it is so well loved include the fact that players can chat to the dealer, and they can see everything taking place in real time. Players know that live casino games are completely fair, and they don’t have to rely on random number generators to determine the outcome of the action. 

Live streaming is also being used outside of the entertainment industry, with businesses finding that they can use platforms like Zoom to conduct meetings with clients from a number of different locations. The technology can also be used to make customers aware of offers and promotions, or to show off the things available at a particular establishment such as a holiday resort.

There is a strong argument in favor of moving to California if you are streamer wanting to find fame. For those of us who are already lucky enough to live in Santa Clarita Valley, getting into streaming now could be a good idea.

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