7 Games Inspired by Movies

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There is nothing quite like a trip to the movies. Handing over your ticket, pacing the long aisle with a hot bucket of popcorn, sinking into the theatre seats and waiting for the real world to go dim.

Then again, there is nothing quite like losing yourself to an alternate world for a few hours – which is exactly what happens when you hit upon the perfect game. This is why so many of us are enthralled by those titles which so seamlessly capture the essence of our favourite movies, and turn it into a fully interactive and new experience for us.

Whether you’re playing as the titular character, or enter into the lore of the world as an entirely new entity, there is something special about entering into those alternate worlds on your own terms.

The gaming world is awash with titles inspired by, and drawing on influences from, the sparkling Hollywood studios and cinema screens, which makes it easier than ever to find a compelling game to draw you back into those worlds that first captured your interest.

Friday the Thirteenth: The Game

The hit slasher movie first made its debut into the video game world in the late eighties but, in 2017, it returned to pay a suitable homage to the movie series. Immersive, scary, and compelling – just like the films – it is an excellent title to play as we hit the fall months.

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There have been plenty of Spiderman titles released over the years but, in 2018, the Marvel hero made a knockout re-entry back onto our consoles. The physics-bending mechanics and high quality graphics are top notch, and offer the player the ability to step into the movies and take over as they scale skyscrapers and take down the bad guys.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Much like the Marvel universe, Star Wars has seen its fair share of the video game industry over the years. In 2017, Battlefront II offered players a marked step-up in terms of mechanics and graphics, and enabled them to fly their own TIE Fighters, Starfighters – even the Millennium Falcon – against others online.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Once again, Star Wars makes it onto our consoles with a fresh perspective on this infamous galaxy. Rather than emulating the events of an existing movie, the events of Fallen Order fill in the gaps between Episode III and Episode IV – bridging that space that exists between the prequals and the original series, much like Rogue One. A great complement to the franchise for any fan.

Blair Witch

Another great title for those looking to satisfy their horror cravings. While twenty years stand between the release of the seminal film and this game, it still manages to evoke those same emotions we felt when we first entered into the movie theatre. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely worth a play through for anyone who made it through the movie.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Lord of the Rings series has, unfortunately, suffered over the years from video games that could not quite capture the magic of Middle Earth, but Shadow of Mordor stands as proof that a good title can be made. Much like Skyrim, this is an open-world title, and players can hunt down Sauron as the grieving hunter, Talion. A must-play for fantasy fans, particularly those who continue to revisit Peter Jackson’s movies.

Hogwarts Legacy

The world of Harry Potter has been emulated in video games since the release of the first movie, almost two decades ago, but none have been anticipated to quite the same degree as Hogwarts Legacy. While this title won’t be making its way onto our screens until 2021, it is one to keep on your radar if you’ve ever been drawn into the world of witchcraft and wizardry and found yourself craving more.

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