The Convenience of Online Gambling over Traditional Casinos & Betting Shops

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There is no doubt that online gambling is growing at an incredible rate. In 2019 the online gambling industry was worth around $46 billion and by 2024 it is projected to be worth $94 billion. That means the industry is predicted to double in only five years. Why did online casinos and bookmakers become so popular and what are the reasons for such rapid growth?

Coronavirus and the gambling world

Covid-19 showed exactly why online casinos are so convenient. Stuck at home during the lockdown with little to do and boredom setting in, many people searched Google for an online casino for their first time. There were record searches for online gambling and casinos during this time. Land based casinos, bingo halls and bookmakers were forced to close their doors as they were deemed non-essential businesses. Not only did new players register but regular gamblers continued to use bookmakers and casino websites. It may be that some players will return to land based casinos but many of these new players will continue to use online services now that they have gotten used to all the conveniences that they offer.

Free to play games

Unlike a traditional casino the online world offers a variety of free games. You can play slots and poker just for fun. Or in the event that you are looking to gamble real money then you can play free to get a proper grasp of the rules and practice any strategies you want to employ. It doesn’t matter how many times you lose if it isn’t costing you money and the experience you get is invaluable for future games.

Odds checking

Unlike a normal bookmaker or betting shop you don’t have to accept the odds given. If you are in a regular town with say half a dozen betting shops the chances are they will all be offering similar if not the same odds on whichever sporting event you are looking at.

Online you can check a variety of betting sites and look for the best odds. Not only that but you can also use an odds checker or the house edge. There are many sites out there that do the work for you and compare odds on different gambling sites so you don’t have to.

Sign on bonuses

Traditional casinos don’t normally give you a cash bonus for walking through the doors but online casinos regularly do. All these companies are competing aggressively for your dollar and to entice you to sign up they often offer cash to be gambled on their site or app. There is nothing stopping you from signing up to more than one site either. Read the small print first though to make sure of any restrictions that may be placed on these bonuses.

No travel involved

One of the major conveniences of online gaming is that you don’t need to go anyway. You could literally roll over and grab your smartphone while in bed and start playing. Depending on your nearest or preferred casino there could be considerable cost in travelling there. While Las Vegas with its glitz and glamour will always have a certain lure there is considerable convenience in not having to actually go anywhere when you want to sit down and play blackjack or bingo.

Play anywhere

Not only do you not have to travel but if you want to spend a few hours in the park and get some sunshine you can still play your favourite games in the kaszinó. As long as your device is charged and you have access to wifi or have mobile data then you can play and gamble literally anywhere. The only times when this could be said not to be true is if you were somewhere where online gambling is not allowed. In some states and many countries online gambling is not allowed and even where it is ok sports betting is often prohibited. This looks to be changing over the next few years as more countries allow it. There are also ways around this, for instance if online casinos are banned in one particular state then the company can situate their servers off shore and then it is ok to play online. It is highly unlikely a user sitting at home playing would ever be arrested but it is worth knowing your local gambling regulations.

Distractions and noise

One advantage online casinos have over traditional ones is the lack of distractions. Smoking has been banned in many countries but there are still gaming establishments that will have clouds of smoke in them making for an uncomfortable and unhealthy experience for a non-smoker. Noisy and drunken crowds can be off putting and distracting when you are trying to concentrate. Loud music and slot machines combine to assault your eardrums.

At home you can choose your own background noise. Playing casually on your smartphone? Then why not set up your tablet and open up your favourite streaming service and watch a movie in the background while gaming. Or set up a playlist to enjoy while playing a BF Games játékok. Or just enjoy the sound of silence and relax on the sofa with a few games of poker.

More convenient ways to pay

There are far more options for making deposits online than there are in traditional casinos. Apart from one bitcoin casino over in Cyprus, casinos traditionally have expected players to pay with cash. Online you can choose from a variety of options from credit cards to cryptocurrency and withdraw any winnings the same way.

Emerging markets will keep the industry growing

More and more countries are writing legislation to allow online gambling and casinos. With this growth will come more investment in technology and gaming online will not only become even more convenient but it will get closer to a real casino experience. With live dealers and virtual reality technology being introduced players will feel like they are actually in a casino without leaving their home.

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