What Makes the iPhone 12 Such an Exciting Prospect for Gaming?

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It has been little over a year since the release of the iPhone 11, which caused something of a storm when it became the second most popular smartphone of 2019. Its top notch camera, better processing power, and durable hardware made it a must among longstanding fans of Apple’s designs, and newcomers alike.

Now, fans are already perched on the edges of their seats, eager to learn more about the iPhone 1 – and how it will improve upon the success of its predecessor.

While 2020 has been something of a rough ride for Apple’s involvement within the gaming world – and while we still can’t be sure about the specifics of the iPhone 12 – there is plenty to suggest that this new release will offer a boon to the mobile gamers of the world. Read more below.

A Growing Variety of Titles

While the Xbox Game Pass is not currently available to iPhone users, the scope of titles available to IOS is growing exponentially. Take, for instance, the release of Amazon’s new game streaming service, Luna, which will be available to IOS users, and offer a growing library of games optimised for the platform.

What’s more, developers will be quick to make certain that their games are optimised for iPhone users – and with Apple’s emphasis on security and quality, it will be easier than ever to track down games that have been perfected for the massive gamer base using IOS. This list of safe casinos, for instance, features a number of sites optimised for mobile gamers – and the sheer variety of titles out there will only continue to grow alongside the release of new models.

The A12 Bionic Supports an Incredible Level of Gameplay

Just a few weeks ago, Apple offered plenty of insight into how the A14 Bionic chip will vastly improve the performance of its new iPad Air, offering crisp, detailed graphics, heightened processing power, and a much faster, smoother experience for users.

While we are still waiting on a definitive sign from Apple that this same chip will power the iPhone 12, all signs point to the fact that it will mirror the iPad Air and give gamers a faster, smoother, and graphically superior experience that will offer noticeable improvements on previous models.

A Bigger Screen

With folding phones stealing the limelight for new releases in 2020, there is still plenty to be said for the more traditional smartphone design – particularly when it comes to the iPhone 12, which, it is rumoured, will be available with a 6.7 inch screen, giving it a .6 advantage over the iPhone 11.

A bigger screen allows developers more versatility. It creates a more immersive experience, and allows for the graphics to truly shine. To put that in perspective, the incredibly popular Switch Lite features a screen size of 5.5 inches, giving the latest iPhone a significant edge over other handheld gaming devices.

Apple Arcade

Much like Apple Tv, Apple Arcade has gone from strength to strength, ensuring that IOS users are always able to enjoy a wide range of titles optimised for the operating system. As a service, it understands how to appeal to the massive market of ‘casual gamers’, who want to be able to dip in and out of quality games whenever they have a spare few moments available.

While we are still waiting with baited breath for that all-important announcement from Apple, there are plenty of strong rumours suggesting that the iPhone 12 will not only comprise all of the best features of its predecessor, but that it will also build upon them, and create a better experience for those who can’t get enough of mobile gaming. Until then, watch this space, and look forward to finding out more about what Apple has in store for us.

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