The Best Places to go out in the Santa Clarita Valley

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Whether you live in Santa Clarita or are just making a passing visit, there’s always something to do. With warm weather and a welcoming community, it’s not hard to find ways to stay engaged, no matter how esoteric your tastes. Taking a look in this direction, here are some of the best things to do in and around our city, to keep you engaged for an afternoon or much longer.

Relaxing in the Water

We might not be an enormous metropolis, but that doesn’t mean we miss out on the fun stuff. As home to one of the 26 Six Flags locations in America, fans of relaxing or getting active in the water have nowhere better to turn. Located at 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, the Six Flags Santa Clarita is difficult to miss, and you won’t want to.

To start with, the main attraction for many visitors will be the slides, of which dozens are available. These range from slow and steady to fast and furious, so be sure to choose wisely. On top of this are live shows meet and greets, concerts, drive-thru offerings, restaurants, and more.

Six Flags Magic Mountain” (CC BY 2.0) by JefferyTurner

Entertainment and Lady Luck

No stranger to a good time, those looking for entertainment in the Valley have a wide assortment of options to choose from. These include trying the local beer scene at the Telco or Pocock breweries, both of which are famed throughout America. From here, the more active might want to go skating at Ice Station Valencia, and game enthusiasts could investigate Immotion VR, a cutting edge exploration of new technology.

For adults who want to try their luck, Santa Clarita Valley also has some famed hits on the casino front. Of these, the Players casino is often considered one of the best, found just a short drive west down the Santa Clarita River. For other in-person experiences, it can also be worth thinking about a trip into Las Angeles proper, home to classics like The Hustler, The Commerce, and The Gardens casinos.

Furthermore, today, once you step away from these venues, the online casino industry allows you to take these games away with you, wherever you go. You can access live casino gaming on your phone and, whether you prefer blackjack, poker, roulette, or something different, you’ll be covered. Don’t worry, despite the terrain, our mobile reception is still some of the best in the country.

Santa Clarita Sunrise” (CC BY 2.0) by JefferyTurner

Eating Out

If you’re looking to fill your stomach, day or night, your options are only limited by your tastes. Want a classic pizza? Check out Toppers Pizza for some of the best you’ll find in the valley. After seafood barbeque? Try Fish Tail Seafood Grill & Poke for traditional fish and chips, and some amazing shrimp tacos.

We’re also lucky enough to be home to some fantastic international restaurants, whether you’re looking for an old favorite or to experiment with new cuisines. This includes mainstays like Chinese and Italian and moves into Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, and more. Of course, if all you want is a good old-fashioned American burger, you’ll also not be left wanting.

Signature Drink Dinner –” (CC BY 2.0) by JefferyTurner

While this is only scratching the surface of what Santa Clarita has to offer, these ideas should at least give an indication of where to start. Whether looking for adventure, entertainment, or to eat maybe a little more than you should, our corner of California has you covered. Just remember to bring your sunscreen.

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