Types of Slot Machines – Online Slots Game Choices 2021

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If you’re familiar with the world of iGaming, you know that there are many slot machine types available online. These slot machines don’t only differ in themes but game rules as well. This means that if you had planned to play slots in 2021, you’re spoiled for choice. The only problem is, with so many slots available, identifying the right one for you can be tough. In case you’re looking for some help, we compiled a list of slot machine types to play next year.

3 reel slot machines

Those who’re looking for a classic casino experience will be happy to hear that traditional slots are available online. Most slots in brick-and-mortar casinos come with three reels, and you’ll find a plethora of these online as well. Spinning these slots may even be more fun online than it is in traditional casinos. Three reel slots are also a good option for new players as they’re easy to understand. There’s a window that shows three columns and three rows of symbols. When you bet, you spin the reel and the goal is to match any winning combination from the paytable. The symbols to look at are those in the middle row, which is also known as the payline. Three reel slots offer a simple and gentle introduction into the world of web-based slots. Most players choose to start with these slots and seasoned players see it as a form of non-energetic relaxation.

5 reel slot machines

Five reel slots are a more elaborate type of online slots. Rather than just one payline, five reel slots sometimes have even up to one hundred. In other words, five reel slots come with more winning combinations, which is why some players see them as more fun. If you’re new to the game, having so many combinations available can seem a bit daunting at first. However, there’s no need to worry as most online casinos allow you to look at the paytable while playing. Another important thing about five reel slots to mention is that they often come with some special features. For example, it’s common for these slots to come with wilds and scatter symbols that give you even more chances to win. When spinning five reel slots, you also get to choose how many paylines you want to include. Because of this feature, five reel slots may require a bit more bankroll management. Five reel slots are also known as video slots.


i-slots are one of the newest additions to the world of online slots. What game developers wanted to do with this type of slots is add more storyline to slot games. Basically, i-slots are interactive and allow you to develop your own storyline while spinning slots. Some even come with pre-designed adventures that make slot spinning even more fun. Most games come with alternative ways to finish the game, which makes the gameplay even more “your own.” Also, as you play, you stumble upon all sorts of bonus rounds that give you even more chances to win. While i-slots are still in their infancy, it looks like this type of slots is constantly making more noise. The entire gaming industry is evolving and storylines have never been this important before. As it looks like this trend will continue, the popularity of i-slots will grow. 2021 might be the perfect time to give i-slots a go.

Bingo slots

If you’re looking for a different slot type to play in 2021, bingo slots may be exactly what you’re looking for. With most slot games, it’s just you versus the game. When spinning bingo slots, you’re compete with all other players out there in hope to win a hug jackpot. In other words, you’re playing bingo with other players. The way it goes is that when most players hit the same bingo, they win little. When one player hits a rare bingo, they get way more than other players. The visuals are usually there just for entertainment purposes but they make traditional bingo more fun. Have in mind that there are class 2 and class 3 bingo slot machines available online. If you plan to play bingo slots next year, becoming familiar with the differences between the two classes is a good idea.

Fruit machines

Fruit machines are another popular slot game among players online. While they might resemble traditional slot games, they come with some features that sets them apart. The most famous feature of fruit machines is that you can hold the reels in place for the next spin. The way it works is that if you see two out of three identical symbols on the payline, you can choose to hold them. That way, you have more chances of hitting the jackpot with your next spin. Another feature fruit machines are known for are nudges. Nudges allow players to move any of the reels in a downward direction. This gives you a chance to nudge a winning combination or unlock a bonus feature. Fruit machines are a great options for players who are already familiar with the game and are looking for some extra features.

Over to you

The online casino industry is doing amazingly well at the moment. As a result, there are new slot games becoming available on a regular basis. Not only that they come with new and improved graphics, but they also offer more features to the players. Opt for any of the slot types we covered in this post, and there’s no doubt you’ll have fun spinning slots in 2021.

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