Ways to support someone going through a health crisis

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When someone close to you receives a scary diagnosis or suffers an accident, it can be horrible. In fact, it’s one of the toughest things we can go through in life. Sadly, it’s inevitable that we’ll have to navigate our way through a situation like this in our lives, too.

Much like the Flaharty family have, though, there’s an array of fantastic support networks out there and ways in which you can play a role in terms of helping out a loved one in this predicament. You may feel shocked, scared and concerned for that person and – at times – unsure what exactly to do to help what seems like an impossible situation, but there are numerous ways in which your support can go a long way, even if it might not feel like it to you.

Of course, the usual ways in which you converse with your loved one should remain in place, alongside any activities you can continue to do too, be it going to the movies, taking in some soccer, or playing casino games together like the creations developed by Playtech, the world’s largest supplier of online gaming. In truth, though, there is no set formula on how to deal with something like this, but there are ways that can help. Ultimately, everyone’s different, though.

Say something

It is better to say something than nothing at all, no matter what the situation is. Even if you aren’t sure what to say, let the person know that you are there for them should they need anything at all. Staying silent and avoiding the topic altogether will benefit nobody moving forward, especially your loved one, who could clearly do with some input during what is a horrific time for them. Acknowledge the situation and let them know that you’re there for them every step of the way.

Don’t make it about yourself

Be sure to take yourself out of the equation when it comes to dealing with a loved one’s health issue. Let the other person open up and explain exactly how they feel, without reverting it back to you. It’s tough as focussing on ourselves is human nature. Still, it’s crucial to break that and allow the other person to express themselves comfortably without feeling imposed upon or compared with someone else. You might not have ever been in their position, but you can suggest that you’re going to try and understand what it’s like, perhaps.

Take the lead

We’ve all been reliant on a friend or a loved one for something at some time in our lives, which can lead to you not wanting to hassle the person for the thing you rely on. Likewise, when a friend is going through a tough time, we might tell them to contact us if they need anything, yet we ourselves don’t initiate it, potentially putting the struggling person in an awkward position of having to initiate the help you offered. Put simply, eliminate the burden of them having to ask for help.

Maybe do the washing for them, make dinner or even offer to take them out for some fresh air or a walk. Not everyone is comfortable reaching out when they need help the most, after all.
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Give encouragement

This one almost goes without saying, but during dark times it can be hard to bring up positives but make sure you do so. Even telling your loved one that they’re doing well at something or they’re looking great on a particular day can go a long, long way. Offering words of encouragement is a must.

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