A Guide to Carrying Out Perfect Window Replacement

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Everything You Need To Know About Window Replacement

Doing a window replacement is not a challenging task, and some homeowners prefer to do it themselves. This makes the work more manageable and less costly because they will not have to pay a constructor to do it. However, doing it yourself comes with uncertainties because you will not correctly fix the window as your constructor would.

Although hiring a professional such as WindowTech Windows and Doors to do it is more expensive, they are well experienced and will do an excellent job. After the window replacement, you won’t keep worrying about your window falling off in case of strong winds.

  1. New-Construction vs. Replacement Windows

Before buying the replacement windows, you need to know that there is a difference between new construction windows and replacement windows.

  • New construction windows- these windows are mainly for new homes. They come with nailing fins that are fixed to the window perimeter. These are the type of windows you will find in the builder’s supply houses.
  • Replacement windows- these windows fit nicely into an old frame. They have no nailing fins, and they do not need a lot of construction since they will use the existing frame.
  1. Replacing the Window By Yourself

With the help of an experienced person, it is easy to do window replacement. When removing the old window, you need to be careful with how you dispose of the old window’s sashes. This is because they have a significant amount of lead that can be dangerous if wrongly handled. Replacement windows are hard to find, and that is why most homeowners get professionals to do it for them. The professionals have easy access to suppliers of these windows, so it becomes easier for them.

When you decide to do it yourself, it might be challenging initially, but after working on the first and second windows, the rest becomes easy to do. Working in warm weather will be more favorable. Also, it will be of great advantage if you start doing it early in the morning. These are the tools that you will need;

  • Circular saw
  • Level
  • Harmer
  • Caulking gun
  • Tape measure
  • Cordless drill
  • Nails
  • Shims
  1. Steps On How to Do It

Step 1: Take measurements of the window space

When measuring, get those inside one window jamb and do the same to the opposite jamb. Take measurements of both their bottom, middle, and top. Always maintain the smallest sizes to ensure the replacement windows fit well.

Step 2: Detach trim and window stops

Remove the trims and stops carefully to avoid destroying the window surrounding materials. You will use them later, so store them properly.

Step 3: Detach cords, sash weights, and pulleys

Use the circular saw to cut the sash chains. It might be hard to remove the sash weights, but if you can, remove them. Now detach the parting beads and drag the window sash.

Step 4: Fit the window

Try holding the window into space and see how it sits even with the shims. If the shimming is too large, get another window.

Step 5: Fix the window in place

After caulking the seal, set the window in the opening. Check the corners using a square. Perforate the shims and leave an inch of them protruding to the other side. Use the provided screws for the top and bottom side but do not over tighten them. Ensure the header closes any gap between the window and the frame.

Step 6: Do the finishing

Ensure both sashes can slide smoothly, and if there is a need for adjustments, use the adjustment screws. Thinner shims might solve the problem where the current ones do not fit well. Now apply caulk to the inside of the window and install window trim.

Replacing the window by hiring pros will be done faster and more efficiently. The experts are more experienced and know the exact window that will fit your space well. Although they will make work easier for you, the drawbacks are the expenses and the time you will spend looking for one.

By following these simple steps, you would be able to accomplish window replacement and be happy with your project. It doesn’t take much effort and time if you know the basics.

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