Best Basketball Players from California

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The Golden State of California has produced unbelievable basketball talent over the years. Many well-known players were born in the state and have gone on to make their name and skill known to the greater United States and the world. Some have made it to the Basketball Hall of Fame and have become superstars. Here is a look into some of the greats that have graced the basketball scene and made a name for themselves just by playing the game they love.

James Harden

In the recruiting class of 2007, Harden was the highest-rated player for the year. Back when Harden was beardless his scores averaged 3.0 steals, 3.3 assists, 7.9 rebounds and 18.6 points per game. With averages like that, no wonder he was one of the most sought-after players in the country. He was recruited by Arizona State University in 2006 and before he arrived the previous season was a disaster. With his arrival, he helped bolster the Arizona State Sun Devils to 21 wins with an average of 17.8 points per game. He was selected by Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009 and three seasons later was traded to the Houston Rockets, when he was really able to shine. He then went on to win the MVP vote and also finished in the number 2 position three other times.

Russel Westbrook

Westbrook started as a mere 3-star recruit, he subsequently went on to lead UCLA to the Final Four for the third year in a row. When the 2008 NBA draft came along, he was recruited by the Seattle SuperSonics. Westbrook made sure to assert his dominance as soon as he arrived and was a 20-year-old rookie averaging 4.9 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 15.3 points per game. He has earned honors in the NBA MVP and has made a name for himself in a big way. His tenacity is what made him stand out and to date, he is one of only 14 players with at least 5,000 rebounds, 5,000 assists and a whopping 20,000 points under his belt.

Reggie Miller

Arguably one of the best NBA players there ever was. When you consider that Miller had trouble walking when he was younger, it is hard to believe what he was able to turn his basketball career into. As a shooter in high school, he showed his prowess and then attended and played at UCLA. In his junior year, he averaged a staggering 25.9 points per game. Miller was picked in the 1987 draft and stayed with the Indian Pacers for his entire 18 season career. In 1995, Miller scored eight points in nine seconds; like he was playing games with the New York Knicks as easy as games such as if you were to play online casino games here. While Reggie doesn’t play casino games, that we know about at least, we figured that he has a level head. All too often online casino games can lead to addiction, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Reggie. In his career he was earned All-NBA on three separate occasions, a record number of three-pointers totaling 2,560 and scored 25,279. One of the best NBA shooters of all time, retired in 2005 leaving a legacy that will never be forgotten.

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