Epic losses in casinos and pokie games

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People are willing to take risks in casinos for easy money. Famous rulers, businessmen, famous writers and ordinary poor people are addicted to gambling. This attraction is most often justified by the desire to get rich in short amount of time. Thanks to such desires, the stories that you will find in this article were formed. If you would like to know more incredible myths and legends associated with gambling, we recommend visiting the Casinonic casino website

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15 minutes of Barefoot Joe’s fame

On April 2, 1995, a barefoot and poorly dressed old man came to the Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas. There were rumors that his wife kicked him out of the house and he even did not have time to put on shoes. For the game, he had only social security benefits. The establishment’s security was surprised by such an unusual visitor, but still gave him a chance to try his luck.

What a surprise it was when the old man began to win at blackjack and spent several days in the gambling house. He enjoyed Jack Daniels with the Coke and kept winning. As a result, he managed to beat the casino by more than a million dollars. The security service was not satisfied with this lucky guy. They brought him back to his normal state, put security on him, rented a hotel room and provided a limousine. At the same time, they waited for him to lose.

According to the rules of the casino, the winnings in the end should not go outside the institution. As with most things, the rule worked. Fortune turned away from the old man nicknamed Barefoot Joe. He continued to play until he lost all of his winnings. Barefoot Joe mostly played blackjack but also tried his luck at casino pokie games.

Before becoming an ordinary old man again, he managed to get an unforgettable experience. After spending a week in a casino, he sold the rights to his story for $ 10,000.

How Pushkin lost at cards

Pushkin is known to everyone as a great poet, but for the metropolitan police he was an ordinary gambler who could be brought to justice at any moment and sent a link for illegal gambling. Pushkin loved gambling, and often lost. He was very unlucky. There was only one victory in four games. And when he got now money left for bets, he replaced them with his manuscripts.

Once, on the way from Mikhailovsky to St. Petersburg, Pushkin got stuck in Pskov. In a letter dated December 1, 1826, the poet wrote to P.A. Vyazemsky, that he cannot get to him in any way and cannot finish the seventh chapter of Eugene Onegin. He also said that he lost the fourth chapter of the work when played card games.

That’s how gambling can influence on any people, poor, rich or famous – it doesn’t matter. Everyone can be addicted to gambling because either of enrichment or rivalry with other players.

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