How to create your own online casino: practical recommendations

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Owning your online casino is a dream of many people. And if there is a lot of trouble and expense with the opening of a stationary gambling house, then with the launch of an online club everything is much easier. At the same time, there are many people who want to play on the Internet. That is why opening a virtual gambling house is a very attractive and profitable undertaking. So, you should ask yourself, is it real to create your own online casino? – Yes, but you will need a lot of money. As an example, we will look at the casino online Casinonic, the owner of which, told us about several nuances of opening and operation of the online casino.

It all starts with a business plan

Online casinos, as a business, are capable of generating good income. But it is important to organize such a thing correctly. To do this, you will need to draw up a competent business plan. It needs to be described in detail and consist of:

the name of your establishment;

the scheme will you work on;

when you plan to open an online casino;

what audience will you attract (GEO);

how to promote an online casino;

planned income.

If it is difficult to prepare a business plan, you can search for the template online. It will only be necessary to correct it a little and make all the calculations to understand how much it costs to create an online casino. Check here to understand what online casinos and games should look like. Then you can proceed further.

Choosing where to register an online casino

You should know that it will not work to open an online casino in the US. In this country, registration of any online gambling establishments is prohibited. This is prohibited by the laws of the state. Legal gambling business is possible only in Canadian regions. But it is better to give preference to one of the offshore states. After all, they do not impose special requirements on the initial capital and accounting. In this case, you are exempt from tax deductions. Offshore countries include these five:

Costa Rica;

Dominican Republic;



So, how much does an online casino license cost? It all depends on which country you decide to register a gambling house in. But the minimum required to pay is 10,000 dollars.

Choosing and buying software

The first thing you need to do after deciding on a license is to choose software for your establishment and obtain permission to use it. Most often, online casinos run on Microgaming, Cryptologic, or Playtech software. You can use several software at once, thus offering a wider range of games to your customers.

Website, domain, and hosting

Next, you need to create a casino website. Here you need to connect experienced specialists so that they install software on the created resource and connect payment systems. After that, you will need to buy a domain and link a website to it, which is hosted on a paid hosting.

Launching a casino and attracting players

How to open an online casino so that players will immediately start talking about it? – If you have a budget, use contextual advertising and conduct viral marketing on social networks. Most importantly, offer good welcome bonuses to the new players. Then very soon you will acquire a large number of clients and thus, a bigger income.

Knowing what it takes to open an online casino, you can quickly organize such a business. With the right approach, it will bring you a good profit. Perhaps your establishment in the future will turn into a large online casino, which will be visited by tens of thousands of players every day.

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