Virtual Reality; the Next Step for Online Gaming?

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Marketed as the sliced bread of gaming technology, virtual reality burst on to the scene with a hiss and a roar. It was going to change the way we game forever, throwing us full steam into the future like nothing has ever done before. Yes, 2015 certainly was an exciting year. But five years down the track and the question that comes to mind is: was this just the hype and not enough actual VR?

In this day and age, five years is an eternity for technological progression and our patience is running thin. Don’t get us wrong, VR headsets are in every other pop up, and loads of new online casinos are branching out to include the technology (click here to see what we mean). But when the industry tells us that the future of gaming is on our doorstep, we expect to hear the doorbell. So is VR here or are we still waiting for the Big Bang?

Where can we Find VR in 2020?

We are a huge fan of VR, whether it comes across or not. When the pandemic hit and going outside meant we could no longer mingle in a casino with thousands of strangers, online casinos stepped up. Cue VR and the height of gaming immersion. Being able to sit around a table, communicate with fellow players whilst literally throwing in chips, all from the safety of you kitchen table bubble, is next level. This is what immersion brings and VR is the king of immersion.

PlayStation launching their prestigious PlayStation 5 is huge for 2020, albeit maybe a little late for some of us whom lack patience. Now, to have waited 7 years between consoles, surely the PS5 will be jam-packed full of VR tech, right? Well, yes, it has VR technology built in but speaking to Sony’s upper food chain, VR is still a couple of years from really being targeted.

Nintendo has steered down the exact same path with the Xbox Series X. And the reason for this is very similar; they just don’t see the demand. And that sums up VR for the time being. It’s available, for sure, but the costs at the present time of the equipment are making it out of reach for the common man, resulting in the consoles not targeting the market. It’s all business and business relies on the fine balance of supply and demand.

The Future is Still with VR?

The future of gaming has still got to lie in VR. If you look at where online casinos and software manufacturers are heading, it’s all about immersion. Players want to feel like they are in the game and not just playing it at home, and that’s what the future is destined to offer us. But on the other hand, what’s the point of immersion without the connection to other human beings?

It’s like when online gaming first kicked off. Was it awesome? For sure, but when you’re the only person playing an online game, it really does miss the point. And that is where we are at with VR. Not enough people have it to make it worth the big boys ploughing their money into it. But don’t worry, that time is close and it will be worth waiting for!

When the Time Comes, What to Expect

Immersion with a capital I! When the hardware catches up to the software and the masses are exposed to headsets and consoles that are affordable, it’s going to be epic. Imagine playing the new FIFA and literally heading in the winner, or spinning out on the last corner of the penultimate lap. First person shooters that have you actually holding your breath to steady your aim. That’s the future.

But for the time being, patience dear players and have faith that the powers that be have our best interests at heart. And they do, because at the end of the day, we are all prepared to open our pockets for what we want and what we want is immersion. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long.

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