Expected Cricket Betting Trends in 2021

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Betting and Cricket go hand in hand in India. One thing that has significantly changed in betting trends is that people prefer leagues over International matches. All the less popular leagues such as CPL, LPL, and BPL have witnessed India’s enormous betting.

 Even while the international fixtures were on, people preferred leagues over them. This trend will continue in 2021, and the Big Bash has seen more volumes than the India versus Australia series. This surprised the betting world, but now all the bookmakers have peace with it as this is what the future holds.

These trends will continue in the upcoming cricket season as well. Big Bash will be played during January, and even though many international fixtures are running simultaneously, bet on Big Bash league with crickettix will garner the highest volume.

Why has the trend changed?

T20 cricket has changed the way how betting is done. People don’t back favorites, and this results in fewer stakes and higher profits. In ODIs and Test matches, one is left with no choice but to back the favorites. However, in T20 Cricket, the favorite changes in a matter of balls. This has gone down well with the bettors and made T20 leagues the most sought after leagues for betting.

The volume witness in leagues like LPL and Bangladesh Premier league surprised one and all. The other difference is the availability of international stars. In almost all the leagues, they accommodate foreign star players, and it makes the league popular not just for watching but for betting as well. Also, in some cases, we have seen multiple matches being played on the same day. Therefore, punters prefer T20 leagues as they can mint money easily in these league matches.

How has online betting become more popular?

One thing that will be the trend in the future is online betting. Conventional betting has become the thing of the past now for sure. Even the bookies take lines and pass them on to their clients. This was something that was witnessed post lockdown and has continued. Even the bettors are now aware of various online platforms and the rewards and bonuses they provide.

Not just Cricket, but at the same time, bettors can bet on multiple sports, and also many casino games are available as well. Thus if the bettor makes losses in one match, he will have ample options to recover that amount. Also, there’s always a limit assigned in online betting, while in calling and placing bets, bookies used to be quite lenient. As a result, punters lost heavily and were never able to repay the debt.

In addition to that, there’s a lot of difference in the bookmakers’ odds and that display on the web portals. The punters certainly have more chances of winning, and therefore online betting and betting in T20 leagues will be the trend in 2021.    

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