How Did Twitch become immensely popular during the pandemic?

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During the pandemic, people were forced to stay at home to restrict the virus’s spread. This was the time when people explored different things to keep themselves engaged and entertained during the shutdown period. There were many things that became popular from last year. Gambling enthusiasts played Eye of Horus, and gamers engaged in gaming activities.

Indeed, people were engaged in playing live games to enhance and monetize their skills. When it comes to the popularity of games during the pandemic season, the craze for live-streaming couldn’t be left out. Yes, popular gamers were taking their games to live-streaming platforms.

Live streaming of games has become an integral culture in the gaming world that has emerged as educative and entertaining for the viewers.

Twitch Was the One-Stop Destination for Gamers During the Pandemic?

When gamers had no other way to stay home for months, they decided to stream their gaming skills. We all know Twitch as the world’s leading streaming platform specifically made for gamers. At Twitch, gamers can live stream their games and do anything they love. Twitch lets viewers chat, interact and watch millions of live streams from different creators.

So Twitch was the haven for gamers as well as gaming enthusiasts in the pandemic period.

According to reports from StreamElement and, the viewership of Twitch shot up between April and June last year. During these months, the viewership rose to 5 billion hours, which is a massive milestone to achieve. It was more than 50% of the first quarter of 2020. This huge viewership was 60% higher than 2019’s record.

In May, the company witnessed a 45% leap in viewership, gaining momentum each day. These surprising gains were sustained in the following months and kept Twitch at the top of all the live-streaming platforms. The year-end reports of live-streaming platforms’ viewership also stated the dominance of Twitch over the others. Twitch even managed to stay on the top when the shutdown was removed from the countries that clearly shows how the platform has provided a superior edge over the other streaming platforms.

Facebook Gaming also witnessed a hike in its viewership. However, it was lesser than the enormous number received by Twitch. To be precise, Facebook Gaming’s viewership was only fifth the size of Twitch when it comes to the number of hours watched.

Why Twitch Received Massive Viewership?

There are plenty of evident reasons why Twitch got a great viewership during the pandemic. Also, there are some pretty great reasons that make Twitch standout from the crowd:

●   An Elite Live Streaming Platform: Twitch is the name that pops into minds when it comes to streaming live games. While Facebook Gaming is one of the closest rivals, Twitch manages to outshine everyone. It is one of the biggest reasons why people must have preferred Twitch in the first place.

●   Free Subscription: During the pandemic season, Twitch introduced a free Twitch Prime subscription for a month. Users could opt for a one-month free subscription to Twitch Prime, which they can later cancel. With this free subscription offer, many users were attracted to the platform and bought the yearly subscription.

●   Private Chat Features: Twitch gives you live private chat features where you can chat with your viewers. There are exclusive emoticons, chat colour, and hidden features that will let you privatize your content. This might be one of the reasons why users liked Twitch.

●   Better Customer Support: When using a live-streaming platform, you will need assistance at every step. Twitch makes sure that you receive effective customer services and your queries get resolved at the earliest. During the pandemic, Twitch handled all the glitches and queries in a friendly manner that made users love the platform.

The Bottom Line

The Pandemic has changed our lives in plenty of different ways. Whether it is the way we live or work, everything has changed totally and Codecondo too. When people were literally locked in their own homes during the shutdown period, they tried different things to stay engaged. Live-streaming games were one of the popular things that became a trend. Among all the live-streaming platforms, Twitch was the one that people most watched and streamed on. Twitch is indeed a leading live-streaming platform that has proved its prowess time and again. The pandemic shutdown was the time when people started prioritizing it.

The platform received a colossal viewership that crossed even billions of hours. Whether it is the streamlined features or the easy-to-use interface, people love spending time on Twitch. It is anticipated that the platform will remain in the limelight this year as well.

Let’s see what Twitch brings to the table and grabs viewership when people are going out and about. We are sure Twitch has got the potential to shine on during the post-pandemic period as well.

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