Secrets of Successful Slot Players

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Slot machines are found in any virtual casino. One website may feature hundreds of three- and five-reel titles. The outcomes of these games are completely random, but there are tricks that help players improve their results. Discover four valuable insights from expert players.

The best slots combine state-of-the-art graphics with impressive RTP and multiple pay lines. For example, Play n Go slots have topped game ratings for years. With a few tips and tricks, you can maximize your payouts. Here is how.

1.  How to Find the Highest Paying Games

Some slots are programmed to pay more than others. To compare different titles, focus on RTPs in their paytables. This ratio shows the share of your bets that you are likely to return in the long run. The indicator is always lower than 100%. The higher it is — the lower the house edge. Thus, slots with RTPs of 97% or 98% are particularly attractive.

2.  Slots Are Not Designed to Reward You

Naturally, every online casino is focused on its own bottom line. Experienced players know how to pick valuable welcome offers and make the most out of promotions. For example, if you are offered free spins for signing up, check the wagering requirement. It is a multiplier showing how many times you need to bet the bonus to qualify for withdrawal. Thus, do not take any marketing promises on faith.

3.  Avoid Playing Too Long

Every expert has a solid stop-loss strategy. These games are based on random outcomes, so being on a losing streak does not mean that the next spin will be profitable. There is no rhyme or reason to the results, and you do not increase your odds if you just play longer. Once you win, finish the session to protect what you have.

4.  Maxing Your Bets is Not Always Logical

Look closely at the paytable for your game to see how the multipliers work. In some cases, payouts are directly correlated with the number of coins. Other games offer disproportionate payouts — for example, if you bet three coins and win, you will get four times more than for a winning one-coin bet.

Therefore, make sure maxing your bets makes sense at all. Some experts recommend doing it in progressive slots only. This is because the biggest jackpots often require bigger wagers. However, it all depends on the game, so pay close attention to the conditions.

Do Not Try to Game the System

These are some of the things casino owners do not want you to know. However, accept the fact that outcomes are completely random, and it is not possible to change the RTP. A player may only choose games with the highest probability of winning and stick to a consistent betting strategy. Do not wait for a losing streak to drain your balance — avoid playing longer than you should. Remember: in the long run, the house always wins.

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