The Secrets Behind Casino Architecture

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There is a lot of thought put into casino design and architecture. Casino operators like Las Vegas Sands Corp, Wynn Resorts are willing to pump in billions into developing the most impressive casino buildings in the world.

Guest author Jacek Michałski takes a look at some of the secrets behind casino architecture. To find out more about Jacek Michałski, click here. 

Casino Architecture

Since the multi-billion dollar casino industry is super competitive, casino operators give great importance to a number of key factors, one of which is casino architecture. They know that the way a casino is designed and constructed has a major impact on a potential player’s decision to visit and stick with their brand.

The aesthetics also play a big role in determining players’ emotions and the way they feel when they visit the casino. Different players from around the world look for different needs when they visit a casino.

Polish players, for example, have a keen eye for architecture and design. Players from Poland will travel and go out of their way to visit a posh casino. However, there are also many Polish players who don’t want the trouble of going to a land-based casino and prefer playing at casino online.

Casino Architecture Is Important

Casino operators realized long back that casino architecture can impact gambling behaviour and lead to more profits. That’s why the casino interior designs of some of the most popular casinos across the world are extraordinary and extravagant. They are often cited as modern architectural marvels.

Consider the Venetian in Las Vegas, for example. This awesome casino makes you feel as if you have landed in Venice, Italy. The casino interior design is unparalleled, capable of making guests feel fully relaxed and eager to prolong their stay.

How does casino design have such an impact on players? Here are a few attempts to answer this question:

Casino Designs are “Hostile”

Architecture students are well-aware of the term “hostile design.” The building is made as uncomfortable and inconvenient as possible to obtain a certain response from guests and visitors.

For example, a casino design may make it very difficult for players to find a bathroom, forcing them to pass as many lucrative game tables as possible. As players see these games while trying to find a bathroom, they are more likely to participate in them.

Casino Architecture is Relaxing

Visit certain Macau and Las Vegas casinos and you will instantly feel relaxed. A good example of a casino design that induces relaxation among patrons is the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Unlike hostile designs that include mazes and labyrinths, this design is open and wide and intends to make things easy and comfortable for patrons. As a result, they end up extending their stay and playing more games in the casino. This design, called the “playground style,” aims at making patrons feel happy and relaxed.                   

Designs that Make You Feel Wealthy

Called “aspirational architecture,” these are designs that make guests and patrons feel richer than they truly are, as a result of which they spend more money than planned. London’s Park Lane Casino is considered to be one of the best examples of aspirational architecture.

Lucian Marinescu, a casino architecture expert, says that aspirational architecture attempts to give players a casino design representative of their desired lifestyle. It takes advantage of customers’ deep desire to belong to the elite sections of society.

The interiors of the design can make you feel richer than you truly are. As a result, you think nothing about spending money that you originally had no intentions of spending.

Park Lane Casino has clear polished windows from which you can enjoy expansive views. Also, it offers plenty of fine dining opportunities, allowing you to choose from exhaustive lists of international cuisines.

Designs that Encourage Social Gambling

When you enter a casino designed to encourage social gambling, you will notice that they arrange popular games in clusters instead of rows. The intention is to encourage gamblers to interact with one another.

Casino operators have noticed that patrons who are having a good time drinking and socializing tend to spend more money on the games and prolong their stay at the casino. The result is more profits for the casino.

Casino Architecture is Evolving

The perfect casino design has not yet been created as casino architecture is in a constant state of evolution. Although nobody can predict the future, experts say that the casino architecture of the future will be more-or-less aspirational.

Casino operators will continue to play on their patrons’ desire to become wealthy and live lavish lifestyles as they have always done. The casinos of the future will, therefore, boast opulent designs intended to induce relaxation and feelings of well-being. As a result, patrons will prolong their stay at casinos and spend more money than planned.


Casino operators will continue to give importance to casino architecture in the future as they know that casino interior design has a major impact on the betting behaviour of patrons.

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