Best Movies About Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is the ultimate party destination in the world. It is beaming with money, shows, alcohol, slot machines like the Mayana slot and everything else that humans could possibly think of as far as a lavish lifestyle is concerned. Today, let us talk about the best movies set in the infamous city.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

With an ensemble cast, this is the first in series of heist films. A comedy, the story revolves around a band of men who rob a Las Vegas casino. The film was so good that it was a box office hit, with a worldwide gross of $450 million. Its success resulted in three more sequels—Ocean’s 12, 13, and Ocean’s 8, which starred an all-female cast.

Here, we follow the shenanigans of Danny Ocean played by George Clooney. He just got out of prison, and the first thing he does is meet a crime partner to plan a heist. They look for other partners, including a former casino owner who funds their plan.

The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover is a comedy that takes drunkenness to another level. Here, three friends decide to celebrate a friend’s wedding in Las Vegas, where they got so drunk that lost the groom. The movie spirals down into the group getting into various troubles, including Mike Tyson and drug dealers.

The three men were so drunk that they do not remember what happened the previous night. They have to retrace their steps to find out and use videos of themselves to remember what happened. One of them even “adopted” a baby and lost his tooth.

The movie is tip-toeing between reality and exaggeration of what could happen in Las Vegas if you drink and party too much. Even as a comedy, it is a cautionary tale of how you should stay responsible for yourself.

21 (2008)

Ever thought of card counting in blackjack? Then you better watch this movie to get inspired. It is based on a true story of college students at MIT who got recruited by their professor to count cards.

In the story, they practice in their college libraries and dorms until they hone their craft. Then, they go to Las Vegas and do their trick as a team, bagging millions of dollars in the process. 

The story takes a turn when one counter, played by Ashton Kutcher, refuses to do it anymore. This causes the ire of Professor Micky, played by Kevin Spacey.

Ashton comes home and finds out that his cash stash had been stolen. He suspects Micky of doing it, so he connives with one security head in Las Vegas to frame Micky. They succeed, and then Micky gets arrested and beaten up.

The security head allows Ashton to play one more night with a promise that he will not be captured. He wins a lot, but he gets robbed by Micky at gunpoint.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

This is a tragedy about an alcoholic who is also suicidal. As a romantic tragedy, the story focuses on the development of love that stars Nicholas Cage.

In it, he has lost his family and his job. He moved to Las Vegas and planned to drink himself to death. It is in Las Vegas that he meets a prostitute played by Elisabeth Shue.

Like all relationships, the couple was happy at the beginning, but then they get tired of their behavior. These events lead to their relationship falling apart. Elisabeth gets gang-raped, and Nicholas Cage does not change.

How does the movie end? Elisabeth finds herself evicted. At that moment, Nicholas calls her and tells her he is on his death bed. Elisabeth pays him a visit, and they make love. Shortly after, he dies. The ending of the story shows Elisabeth talking to a therapist. She admits that she loves Nicholas and that she accepts him for what he is, but he is already dead.

Leaving Las Vegas is based on a novel. The real tragedy is that after the author signed over the film rights to his novel, he committed suicide.

Las Vegas is known for gambling, the best online slots, debauchery. However, appropriate control of yourself will let you have the fun of your life. While movies about Las Vegas often depict carnal pleasures, there are many things you can do here that do not involve gambling and drinking. For example, you can get helicopter flights, visit the Nevada Mountain ranges, and so much more.

Whatever it is that you do, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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