Public Health Risks Raised as Some Tribal Casinos Remain Open

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A lot of businesses have had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is not safe to have many people gathering in public crowded areas. However, not all businesses are subject to regional stay-at-home orders. In particular, there are some tribal casinos that are remaining open during COVID-19 and this is causing a lot of concern. There have been several case

outbreaks that are reported to have come from several area casinos.

The Risks of Keeping Casinos Open

We know that the coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person when there is close contact. Unfortunately, this can be what happens when there are a lot of people in a casino. Not only can there be busy times in a casino, but there is also sharing cards, machines and chips. All of these actions can increase the risk of spreading the virus between vulnerable people. Not only are players putting themselves at risk, but there is also all of the staff that are employed. Until the pandemic is under control, a lot of people would like to see casinos closed like other businesses.

The reason that some Native American casinos remain open is because tribes are seen as sovereign nations. In other words, they are not subject to the state’s shutdown orders and they can choose to keep the tribal casinos open. While some will choose to close their business because of public health risks, others will continue to stay open for business. Unfortunately, people still continue to visit casinos not only because they enjoy playing the games, but because there is nowhere else to go.

Alternatives You Can Enjoy

Staying at home is a practice that is being encouraged across the world. If you recognize the public health risks associated with a casino, the best thing you can do is stay at home. But this does not mean that players have to give up activities they love. Instead, there is an alternative that is becoming popular. We are talking about playing at an online casino like Casino. This allows for the lowest risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

The CDC has offered guiding principles to casinos and gaming operations. Namely, they believe that the lowest risk is presented by online or virtual gambling. There is going to be more risk in a casino even with some forms of social distancing and disinfection. There has been some guidance to state that it may be possible to remain open if there are no dealers or face-to-face gambling games. Individuals would have to be at least 6 feet apart while they are seated. Again, there is still risk and even more so when operations are open at full capacity with no restrictions on games.

If you are a player, it may be in the best interest of yourself and your family to gamble at home. You can enjoy all of your favorite casino games without having to leave the house and you still have a good opportunity to win.

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