The remote working opportunities available in 2021

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2020 was an awful year. Pretending that COVID-19 didn’t rip up the rule book and force everyone to think again would like pretending Tom Brady isn’t the best QB we’ll ever see.

In Santa Clara alone there were 105,000 cases of coronavirus and over 1,000 deaths as well as untold disruption to lives and business.

People have lost their jobs as companies have been forced to reduce costs. Populations have been sent indoors and customer-facing roles are facing extremely challenging times.

But there will be some areas of growth in 2021. Temporary jobs are now in demand as full-time roles take some time to bounce back to their pre-pandemic levels.

In the words of Taryn Owen, President of PeopleReady ‘temporary jobs are added at a faster rate — meaning there are temporary jobs available right now to help job-seekers start the new year off right.’

Temporary roles may be jobs that wouldn’t always be considered a career, such as working as a customer service agent, but are ones that can be done from home and that bridge the gap between a job and a career.

You might not always associate customer service with a home-based role, but that’s where the majority of agents work from. Gone are the days of factory-farm like office blocks as 53% of US-based customer service agents now work from home, says the National Association of Call Centers.

All you need is a decent internet connection, a dash of patience, and the ability to help people and you could be looking at one surprising way to earn a living from the comfort of your own home.

Despite COVID ravaging the business landscape, one sector that is looking likely to experience growth is online gambling. Business Wire reported that the value of the industry is likely to rise from $58.9 billion to $66.7 billion in 12 short months, which is a rise of 13.2%

With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that a key part of why online casinos are maintaining their relevance could be a good place to start your remote working journey.

A live casino is a bricks and mortar section of an online gaming site that streams videos of table games for punters to bet on. They all need workers, called croupiers, to work the tables.

These online casinos employ full-time and part-time workers, which provides the right sort of flexibility that we all need right now.

Another area that employers seem to be focusing on now is the skills an individual has, rather than the career training they’ve undergone. This is something that Harriet Happel, COC’s dean of career education and integrative services, agrees with.

She said: “Employers have gone from really looking at disciplines to looking at a skill-based orientation. … They want evidence of a skill set.”

With that in mind, anyone who has a creative bone in their body or is fluent with words can turn to copywriting jobs from freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr. These platforms provide an opportunity for the previously desk-bound to enjoy a new sense of freedom, and some extra money while we’re all locked inside.

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