Will online casinos be more accessible in 2021?

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Around the world, online casino gaming has been big news for a while now. This has not always been the case in America, though, where playing online casino games for real money has traditionally not been allowed. This has started to change in recent times and some people in the USA can now also enjoy this type of gaming. Wherever you live and whatever casino classics you like to play, it is online casinos themselves that stand at the center of the industry.

Finding the best online casino sites is critical for players and you should be sure to check sites like this before signing up with any. This will ensure that any site you game at is fair and secure, and can be trusted with your personal details. For many people around the US, though, it is tough to access any type of online casino currently – but could this change in 2021?

More regulation could help US players

For those in Santa Clarita, the biggest obstacle to being able to access online casinos is the law. In simple terms, playing games at online casino sites for real money is not legal within the state. This is actually something that is still common in many US states and prevents people who live in those states from accessing online casinos to play real money games.

As we move through 2021, it is hoped that governors in states such as California will rethink their approach to online casino play and recognize the huge benefits it could offer, if made legal. If this were to happen, then we could well see online casino sites made more accessible to more US citizens – including those in Santa Clarita.

5G mobile networks could help

One exciting development that could help online casinos become more accessible to people in 2021 is the increased rollout of advanced 5G mobile networks. The mobile gaming sector is huge and one of the reasons why online casino play has taken off to such an extent. Mobile gaming generated $85 billion in 2020, which shows just how vibrant this niche is. Although current 4G networks have allowed more people to enjoy mobile gaming and allowed Internet casinos to improve their offerings, 5G could be a major step up.

Not only should it make online casinos faster and gameplay smoother but it should also allow for game studios to get more creative with their titles. With speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, 5G should also make live casino games more enjoyable to play, with minimal lag. It is also hoped that 5G could provide the bandwidth to make social interactions in online casino games more realistic. All this combined should increase the accessibility of online casinos to mobile users and make them even better to game at.

More payment methods offered

Another way in which online casinos could become more accessible to more people in 2021 is via the payment methods they accept. In the past, the list has been limited mainly to bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards and e-payment solutions. While this was fine for most, it did leave a significant chunk of people who wanted to game with cryptocurrencies out in the cold. If you need a quick recap on what cryptocurrencies are and what they involve, they are just digital forms of money. The industry seems to be moving towards accepting popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment and this should see online casinos becoming more accessible to more people in the next 12 months.

Will new online casino tech attract more players?

In terms of bringing more people into online casinos during 2021, a lot of hope is being pinned on tech innovations. Perhaps the pick of the bunch is virtual reality in Internet casino gaming. It is thought that this tech could make online sites more realistic and therefore appear more accessible as a result. For those who miss the atmosphere of a land-based casino, VR casino play online could the answer. Not only will it prove more immersive but it should also help people feel as if they are getting the authentic experience when playing online.

2021 set to be another big year for casino play

There is no doubt that 2020 was a big year for online casinos. This saw more people than ever coming into the sector and beginning to play at Internet-based operators. With 2021 now in full swing, many are wondering if these online sites will become more accessible to bring even more people into this form of gaming. As the above shows, there is every reason to believe that it could happen – with the right measures in place.

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