After Being Re-released in China, Cameron’s Avatar Has Buckle Up to Seize its Prior Title of Highest Grossing Movie Ever

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Avatar, the famous science fiction movie from James Cameron, is geared up to arrive back at its crowning position in the top-favorite film of all the time after it saw a re-release in China.

It was 2009 when the film was released. Right after appearing in theaters, it saw immediate success, securing its position at the apex of global box office until another long-awaited movie – Marvel’s Avenger: Endgame came in 2019 for seizing that title after a decade.

While Avatar had secured USD 2,789 million under its name for achieving and maintaining the title of highest blockbuster for a decade, giving a close clash, Marvel’s Endgame was able to capture the honor, earning 2,797.5 million from movie theaters worldwide. But, the defeated champion, James Cameron’s Avatar relaunched in Chinese cinema halls. Fans hope this science fiction film would reclaim its misplaced position of the highest-grossing movie backed up by its Chinese spectators’ love and support.

However, Disney studio also shares Avatar’s rights since it currently has possession of Fox; therefore, since the movie’s re-release, the famous house of the mouse is going through a prolifically profitable phase.

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Appearing in theaters in 2009, the movie was endowed with the commercial and critical triumph over other fictional cinemas that portrayed alien invasion on earth before. The movie altered this scenario, crafting the film with a storyline where humankind invaded another planet named Pandora. It was one of the moons of a ball of gas called Polyphemus. In the movie, Cameron showed that the planet jolted by the human invasion is a dwelling for many different species, including Na’Vi, a breed of peace-loving humanoids. The director of the movie portrayed the Na’Vis as nature-adoring, blue-colored species with feline eyes. 

On the other hand, the Avenger: Endgame is about a mad titan who has snuffed out half of the population of the Universe with just a snap of his fingers. Just like a lucky gambler can unlock the highest jackpot of a progressive reel if he has chosen the right casino online to wager. Being powered by the infinity stones, Thanos is more influential than everyone else in the Universe. It made Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Thor, Black Widow, and other avengers team up again and traveled back to time to keep the incident from happening. Endgame as well was ushered by gleaming critical reviews as soon as it appeared in cinemas. Rotten Tomatoes, one of the best film critics, awarded the film with a 94 percent rating, which is the highest given rating when all the Avenger movies are compared. According to many renowned movie critics, the movie was thrilling, enjoyable, and emotionally arousing. They have also mentioned that this movie’s director duo has done everything to navigate this epic saga towards a suitable ending.

But, now when Avatar has reached $3.5 million backed up by the sold tickets after its re-debut, it’s needless to say, this film is currently standing at the denser side.

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