How To Raise Gambling Awareness

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Emerging from a status of popular leisurely activity, it is no secret of how capable gambling is in turning into a destructive habit and eventually becoming a full-blown disorder in a population. The past few decades have seen the emergence of the online gambling industry and it is not much hard to deduce the fact that there are thousands of families who were once affected by the same as well as millions of people who are at risk of bankruptcy. 

Tendencies of gambling do not only lead people into major losses but also in debts that are dreadful to pay off. Hence, preaching awareness is one of the most important steps that can be taken in order to keep this growing disorder in check.  

Promote GamStop and other Self-Exclusion Services 

Prevention of certain habits can be way more productive than getting over them. When it comes to gambling, the same holds true because oftentimes the damage repairing as a result of excessive gambling can be way more expensive than simply preventing it. Recognition has a huge part to play when it comes to the practice of gambling in moderation. 

A person should be aware of his motivations while engaging in gambling activities as well as have a grip on his impulse while placing a bet. If a punter fails to achieve control over his activities it is the self-exclusion programs that come in handy. 

Powered by UKGC, the independently operating self exclusions scheme called GamStop is made available absolutely free of cost to the punters in the UK as a gesture of public welfare by the government of the UK. The exclusion span can be voluntarily selected by the punters registered under the scheme according to the severity of their addictive tendencies. 

A punter showing low levels of addiction can exclude himself for six months whereas someone with high addiction issues can opt for an exclusion span as long as five years. Once a punter is registered it is impossible for him to gain access to gambling sites under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission before the validity exclusion span terminates. However, players can join any reputable online casino with no GamStop restrictions where they’re able to sign up and deposit without any additional verifications and restrictions.

Another popular name among free exclusion tools is BetBlocker. It does not only help in keeping gambling sites at bay but also keeps the punter from accessing gambling-related content on the web. Compatible with almost all devices, BetBlocker is a charitable program that is available for free exclusively for UK punters. The restricted entry to the banned sites is taken quite seriously and access to such sites is not allowed unless the exclusion span ends. 

There are several paid software supporting the same cause. Gamban, Betfilter, Netnanny, Gamblock are some of the major brands providing high-level security to vulnerable gamblers. 

Educate People About Gambling 

GamStop, in order to spread the words of safer gambling, practices, invited football clubs to collaborate with them. The popularity of football in the UK is enough to fetch the cause the attention it deserves. The collaborating football clubs promote the words of safe gambling practices in their usual match days as well as sharing the links of the same cause in their social media handles and websites.  

In fact, popular football clubs such as Luton Town Football Club and Middlesbrough Football Club have been proactively associated with GamStop since the United Kingdom Gambling Commission revised their rules in March 2020. Football is a very popular sport in the UK and has a massive mass appeal. Luton Town Football Club was the first club to dive into this initiative, while Middlesbrough Football Club soon followed in similar footsteps. 

Sports betting has been in debate ever since punters were found to have invested top cash into such avenues. Consequently, the Professional Footballers Association (BFA) and other sports bodies have taken many revolutionary measures to safeguard punters from running into bad debts.

Warn About Possible Harm While Registering at Casinos 

Studies have shown the effectiveness of harm reduction messages in promoting marginal changes in behaviour of people. There are a lot of aspects that determine the efficiency of these cautionary messages. Fact that it is not legally acknowledged the requirement for any brand in the UK to display such transparency, calls for a situation of complexity where the customer is not completely disclosed of the risks related to gambling which impacts their decision of placing bets. 

Warning people of the possible harms related to gambling is gradually becoming a consumer demand in order to positively influence the mass and not let them indulge in harmful activities leading to major losses. 


There is no doubt in the fact the prevention of gambling is far more effective than combating addiction as well as paying for the losses that the addiction led to, hence the above-mentioned steps are useful for promoting the prevention, protecting gamblers that are vulnerable to addictive gambling. 

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