Where To Get Inspiration To Overcome Gambling?

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Gambling problems can happen to any gambler at any point in time. One doesn’t even understand that when casual bets turn into obsessive and unhealthy ones bearing serious consequences and after-effects. Whether one gambles on sports, slots, poker, scratch cards, roulette, or any other form, a gambling addiction can severely cause harm to a person’s life in terms of work interference, relationships, and financial disasters. 

Problem gambling is an impulse control disorder that needs to be curbed before one has no other options left in life. Overcoming gambling is never forceful. It has to come willingly and one must really want to mend relationships, regain control of his own life. Thus, taking the first step and thinking about leaving gambling behind itself can do wonders. 

Gamstop Support

Gamstop is a free self-exclusion scheme that helps UK gamblers to overcome gambling addictions. All the Uk based businesses are licensed under the UKGC and Gamstop prevents individuals who have signed up for self-exclusion to access any Gamstop registered gambling site for a minimum period of time. 

Gamstop can only stop access to sites that are UK-based. For offshore casinos operating under licenses from Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao, Government of Gibraltar, etc., Gamstop is not effective at all. British players can easily access UK online casinos not with GamStop self-exclusion via several gambling portals such as CasinoGap or NonStopCasino.

Gamstop might not be able to spot inaccurate details provided by a punter. Thus, failure is not achieving one’s goal is entirely upon himself. 

If a punter has any pending withdrawable funds in any online gambling accounts in the UK, upon beginning the session and self-exclusion has been activated, the gambling operators of those accounts are bound to return these funds to the gambler. Gamstop uses certain personal data in order to register the user’s details for protection purposes. 

Gambling Therapy 

In certain cases, placing bets can quickly escalate to severe gambling addictions and one loses control over his betting behaviour which is extremely harmful. People who struggle with problem gambling must definitely consider therapy for personal benefit. Gambling can stem from a lot of problems and it becomes severe when it cannot be controlled and interferes with other aspects of life. Most of the problem gamblers are unaware of their addiction and keep falling deeper into the trap. 

Certain trigger factors that lead to a change in behavioural patterns include:

  • Emotional upheavals like anxiety or depression
  • Retirements
  • Stress at workplace
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Environmental factors like peer pressure

People developing an addiction are at a higher risk for developing more addictions due to neurological and genetic factors and pre-deposition for addiction. 

Therapies related to this are split into three main types:

  • Verbal therapy: This is the behaviour or cognitive behavioural therapy that is verbal in nature. It helps in the reduction of the urge for gambling by exposing them to the negatives of the condition. It helps people feel negative about gambling and it eventually slows down gambling tendencies among obsessive gamblers
  • Medications: Antidepressants and mood stabilizers are prescribed to a gambler to reduce illnesses and symptoms of problem gambling. It reduces the urge for gambling eventually. Prescribed drugs help in the stability of the minds. 
  • Self-help groups: Speaking about gambling addiction among other problem gamblers helps. It helps in gathering a multidimensional viewpoint that leads to the urge for coming out of gambling addiction. 


Gamcare was founded in 1997 and is the leading provider of advice, support, and information to people affected by gambling. Gamcare operates the National Gambling Helpline and provides treatments for the problem gamblers in order to create awareness about the importance of safer gambling methods. 

Gamcare can be considered as a doctor in the UK gambling industry as it informs and sensitizes people about the possible effects of gambling. This organization takes a three-dimensional approach to the issue and helps the people with gambling issues, offers preventive measures, public education, and the people who work with gambling operators are also protected. 

Gamcare also helps the punters who have signed up with Gamstop and are facing issues in controlling their gambling urges. This organization not only caters to problem gamblers but also their partners, family members, and people around them. 


Overcoming gambling in the UK is much easier in terms of prospects and options available. One must always try to identify his own problem first and then decide upon choosing Gamstop in order to be able to give his best shot at it. 

Gamcare national centre for information is looking forward to having a successful second mission to cooperate with gambling companies and operators. The approach of this body requires the operators to implement effective policies in order to protect their customers who will also be given a certificate for arrival at Gamcare. The aim of this organization is to educate and raising awareness about the risks that gamblers can experience. 

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