Best Smart Home Products to Buy in 2021

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The internet of things was once only a dream. Now, it is a reality. A lot of home appliances are now “smart” in the sense that you can connect them to a WiFi network and control them from your phone. Some examples of these are smart light bulbs, door locks, cameras and washing machines. Today, we will show you the best smart gadgets that you can buy to improve your home.

Flux Smart Bulb

The Flux Light Bulb is a smart light in the sense that you can control the lighting system from your phone. It takes only a few minutes to install. Once you have attached it to the socket, you have to download the app and connect the device to your WiFi. The bulb will get signals from your device. You can use your phone to turn it on or off. If you are away from your home, you can turn it off. If you are on the second floor and you do not know if you’ve already turned off the lights downstairs, you no longer have to go downstairs. All it takes is to access the app from your phone and turn it off from there. 

The bulb comes in many colour combinations. With one lightbulb, you can have several lights. You can also adjust the “temperature” or brightness of the light from your phone to fit your mood. You can make it dark as you are playing at the casino VulkanVegas or watching a movie.

Before you buy, check the manufacturer’s recommended electrical or power compatibility. Some bulbs can only accommodate 110V and not 220V, so be careful!

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

If the temperature in your room is always a concern, then take a look at the EcoBee Thermostat. It is a thermostat that you can control from your phone. With this device, you can adjust the settings of your room temperature no matter where you are. If you use it in your kid’s room, you can adjust the settings without going to your child’s bedroom.

The Ecobee is equipped with a powerful sensor. It is the thing that measures the temperature, allowing the device to be able to control how the thermostat will work—hotter or colder. If you want, you can also pair this with another product from the same company—a camera that allows you to watch over rooms. 

The thermostat has an LCD, and you can also control it manually. The great thing about IT is that it can be paired with Alexa, Amazon’s AI. It means that you can talk to your Amazon Echo device to Alexa and simply tell the AI that you want to adjust the thermostat settings. 

You can also pair this with Spotify. Since Spotify is a music app, what you could do is to choose particular music that you want Alexa to play according to the temperature. It is also equipped with what is called Home IQ. It monitors the energy you are consuming, and you can access this report from your device. From there, you can decide how you want to cut down on your power consumption.

SkyRoam Power Bank and WiFi

One of the many problems we have at home and when we are out is that the internet cannot reach some of our rooms. With SkyRoam, you will have access to the internet no matter where you are. The device is a portable WiFi capable of delivering LTE and 4G speeds. You can connect a maximum of five devices to this WiFi hotspot. You are also guaranteed that your browsing is secure. 

One great thing about this is that it has a Type C port, which means that most USB cables are going to fit in. If your phone does not use Type C, then you can use an adapter to plug it in. SkyRoam is available at an international level. No matter who your service provider is, it is going to work. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that the device has a lot of juice. It can keep 6000mAh of battery power. If your phone ran out of battery, you can plug it in this device to charge. If let alone, the WiFi device can last up to 16 hours of use.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is a device that you attach to your door deadbolt. It is connected to your WiFi at home, and you can lock your door even if you are not there. Let us say that you’ve already left the house, and you are unsure if the door was locked or not. In this case, you can lock the door from your phone even if you are already in the office. Just launch the app and lock the device.

At home, the device will receive the signal and take appropriate action. The August Smart Lock also allows you to see who locked and unlocked your door, provided that they used the app from their phones. If your children open the door with their app, you will see this information from your phone.

Smart gadgets are a tad expensive. What we suggest is that you take a look around your house and identify your priorities. If the lighting is your common cause of concern, then buy smart bulbs. If you keep on forgetting if you locked the door or not, get a smart lock and lock it from your phone even while you are away.

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