Casino Trends to Watch out for in 2021

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As online gambling made huge leaps throughout 2020 in regards to profits, 2021 will see a lot of investment back into the product to really amp things up. We can all agree that the pandemic has not been amazing but it has been very lucrative for the gaming industry It also shed some light on a further need for the online world to continuously develop.

The lack of social interaction in the last twelve months has seen many players adapt their lifestyles from working from home to prioritising their spending. It shows the need for more social gaming in the future and that people just may be willing to spend a little more on hardware that widens their options.

2021 is no doubt going to be another huge year for the online industry. Whether you choose to play for free or for real money Casinopilot have analyzed the trends that will shape the next twelve months, and define the new gaming, post-pandemic (hopefully).

The Rise of E-sport Betting

One thing to eclipse the online market in terms of growth last year was people tuning in to streaming sites to watch their favorite games being played. Its a huge market. The new TV has created its own e-sports superstars and their fans are lapping it up.

This creates a new market for betting and could very well see the mergence of the two in the coming months. Already packed with advertising revenue, it will be a great way for the players to make it big, and further increase the excitement from their watchers.

It comes as further revenue is created in the AR world of casino, with many players choosing to watch a game of poker from their position as a sitter, but still enjoying being part of the game. It’s the same premise here and bound to be a big earner in the future.

Virtual Reality

I think most players would agree that they would still enjoy being on the casino floor, it just lacks the convenience of their online counterparts. And the likelihood that many brick and mortar casinos just won’t survive this period is fast becoming a reality. Total immersion will be on many developer’s priority list and it doesn’t get much better than virtual reality.

Bringing the casino directly into your living room will change the game much like the ability to take it to the park did with mobile gaming. With VR hardware also becoming more and more cost effective and mainstream, it’s now affordable for the average Joe and its popularity is skyrocketing.

With live dealers and the interaction of players, it’s a killer for the land-based casinos, but you must adapt to survive these days and this is the future of gaming.

Social Gaming

And that brings us directly to the biggest problem that everyone has been facing the last twelve months; a complete lack of social interaction. With no changes on the horizon in the first half of 2021, social gaming will continue to be an important aspect of all new games. Some games, poker, bingo, e-sports etc., are made to be social, but the challenge will be implementing the idea into the common casino.

More interactive slot tournaments, chat forums and maybe the ability to update live chat to include player to player interaction will certainly add to this. Like the chat around online card games, it helps players to connect with the game and their competitors.


Blockchain technology has proven itself as a viable option to those wanting to have another payment choice and it also keeps them very anonymous to the casino. If its trending value is anything to go by, the popularity of Bitcoin in particular is making huge waves right now. And as big-name companies, like certain car manufacturers, jump on board with their support, it will just get bigger.

With many crypto-casinos being available already online, that trend is sure to continue. We better get mining.

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